The Exchange Students

Ally and Brittany have always had dreams of hot British boys. Ally is dating an Aussie though and Brittany is single. But when Two exchanges students come from England and Ireland come to join their senior class at Beverly Hills High School ALOT of things could happen.


11. Chapter 3

Brittany POV:

  It is the next week and Thursday. The homecoming game is tomorrow. Ally and I are going to cheer at the game. Harry and Liam play on the football team. I think it is weird because they are punks not jocks. This homecoming boys are the ones who ask the girls to the homecoming dance. I hope I get asked to the dance. 

Today we have a meeting with the whole high school. After second period we go to the gym where chairs are sitting out for us to sit at. I sit with Niall, Harry, Liam, Zayn, Louis and all the girl from our group. I am sitting between Harry and Ally. Niall has his arm around a girl named Nova. Niall is getting a little bit popular from being for Ireland and everything. I feel this overwhelming wave a jealousy coming over me. I realize I was staring when Harry say "Brittany!"

"Yea." I say and looking away Niall.

"How was your first classes?" He asked.

"Good." I say back hoping no one saw me staring at Niall.

After I say that the meeting started. Then the meeting was over. I go next to my elective and then is lunch. I walk to the lunch room and see Lauren and Ally sitting with everyone we sat with at the meeting. Including Nova. Never would I thought last year that I would be friend with the punks, but I am. I go get my lunch and sit down next to Harry. 

"Hey." Harry says.

"Hi." I say back.

I look at Niall and Niall was looking at me already and I look quickly back to Harry and start to talk to him. I start to walk out the lunch room to go to my last classes. Then Harry grabs my arm and says "Wait Brittany!"

"Okay?" I say confused.

"I was just wondering if you would like to come with me to the dance." He ask in a sweet way.

"Yea that would be really fun." I say back to him.

"Okay can I walk with you I have the same class." Harry says and I nod my head.

It is the end of school and Harry comes to me and says if he can have my number. I give him my number and he thanks me. I walk to my car and see Niall and Nova making out leaning against his car. I get in my car and speed away. I don't why I am mad at him. I never even really talked to him. It's just, I can't even explain. I get home and my parents are going for the weekend for work. I sit down and I phone rings. It is my math teacher Mrs.Coleman.

"Hello." I say.

"Hey Brittany. I wanted to ask if you could tutor someone? I just have so much I am doing this year and don't have time. You did it last year and it helped them, and your one of my best students." He says.

"Sure who is it." I ask.

"Niall Horan." He says and I sigh and say yes.

It is Friday and have so much to do. I have to go to school. Then tutor Niall and then have the game and dance. School is over. I go home and Niall comes over. 

"Hey." He says in a dreadful way. Well then I think to myself.

I start to help him with the lesson. I look at him and his wasn't even looking at the page but me. I bet he does every girl. Like Nova.

"Stop looking at me." I say.

"You stared at me at the meeting!" He say and I start to blush. He saw me!

I didn't react and went on with the lesson. "Get it?" I ask.

"Yea." He says and slowly put his arm around my waist.

"Um no." I say and take his and and place it on the desk.

"I hope you understand you are having a test on it on Monday."I say while looking at him. His eyes are so blue. He nods and after we are finished he leaves. Probably to go see Nova. Why do I care so much? We are not even together.

I go to the game and we won! The cheerleaders do their last cheer and I walk over to Harry and the rest of my friends. Harry picks me up while I say good job. I think it is because he is happy they won homecoming.

I see Niall in the corner in my eye. Then he looks at me and say "Why are you a cheerleader? You look weird in the outfit."

Harry takes up for me and says "I thinks she look great." Niall then turns and walks off.

We go to the dance and have a really fun time. I look over to my left and Ally is gone. I wonder where she is? So I look at Harry and keep on dancing with him. Niall isn't here but whatever. I say good bye to harry as he kisses me on the cheek. My house is empty when I get there because my parents are gone. I take a shower and put on PJ's and go the den to watch TV. Then I hear knock at the door. I open it and shocked who is here. 

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