The Exchange Students

Ally and Brittany have always had dreams of hot British boys. Ally is dating an Aussie though and Brittany is single. But when Two exchanges students come from England and Ireland come to join their senior class at Beverly Hills High School ALOT of things could happen.


6. Chapter 1

  It is the first day of school.I am dressed high waist shorts, and a cropped shirt with black boots. I did my makeup, and my hair is straightened. I park my red Mercedes right beside Ally. We both wanted to get there early. We are talking and I look at schedule. I have normal classes for the first three then I have cheer as my elective. I ask Ally if she has the same and she does. We are not popular but we have a big group of friends, and people know who we are. Out of all the group me and Ally are best friends. I we talk some more and head to our locker.

 We went to our lockers and got our stuff. I was talking to her and this Range Rover comes speeding in with loud music playing. Then a blue Mini Copper came just the same way. The guy in the Range Rover I have never seen him before but he is cute. I have never seen the one with a Mini Copper either.The guy with the Range Rover looks rough like he has tattoos and piercings. We walked and I asked Ally who they were. She said he is from Ireland and the other is from England, they are going to be exchanged students. She said the name of the one with the Range Rover is Niall and the other is Louis.  Everyone is starting to get here. Our class is across campus. I was walking and was looking at Niall and he looks at me. Our eyes meet and I look at the ground and put my hair behind my ear.

After our elective is lunch. I walk into the lunch room with Luke and Ally. Lauren another one of my good friends comes up and say "Guys you have to come meet the exchanged students."

"Okay." I say back and she grabs my wrist and pulls me to where Niall, Louis, Harry, Liam, Zayn are. I grab Ally's wrist and pull her with me. I waved to Zayn, Harry, and Liam because I already know them. I shake Louis hand and introduce myself. Then I say hey to Niall and he nods his head. Everyone turns their head and looks at him and me. Louis then says "Hey Brittany don't worry about him."

"Oh okay." I say and sit down next to Lauren. Ally goes to where Luke is. He looks upset. They both come to the table to sit with us. She talks to Louis and I can tell Luke is getting mad but why? I sit and eat I am sitting across from Niall. I look up at him slowly so he can't tell I am. Then he looks at me I then force my eyes to look back to the people talking. His eyes are so blue and perfect. 

After lunch we have two more classes. One class is finished and I grab my things and head out. I then feel a hand grab my arm and turn around. It's Niall. "Um hey, I just wanted to know where this class is." He says. His accent is so perfect.

"Oh that's where we are going." I say as I point to Ally and Luke. We all walk to the class and some how Louis is walking with us. We get to our last class and sit down. Niall sit beside me. I think it is weird because he didn't even talk to me at lunch. The class is finished and I go back to my car. Ally and me decide to go to Starbucks before we go home.

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