When I run


1. Into

They would ask me what I like to-do, run I say its such a simple answer for a person like me. I run its what I do its who I am cause this body never gets tired I always have strength. And when I run with the others you get this amazing feeling like you can do anything jump over mountain, fly across the sky you feel unstopable. this is what I do I run.

I jump over the giant fallen tree with ease and land on the ground with a quiet thump and continue my tireless run. the others follow in my action. I am not yet feeling tired or in any pain. I feel my body start to settle into rhythm when I breath. I am in front of the rest because I am the fastest. the leader starts sizing up to me, signaling me to slow down. I didn't feel like fighting to say to I slowed up without complaint. As we continue our run I feel the wind hitting my face, I breathe in the scents of the forest loving all of it. I could still feel the dampness of them morning lingering in the air if I could I would stay like this forever. but my fantasy comes to a stop and mile last when we stop how could they be tired already I thought. I motion to the leaser that am was going to go on he had a different idea. He me to stay I gave him an annoyed look and he snapped at me. I sat down in defeat I still wanted to run its a part of me that is always fighting to get out. nobody outside my family really knew this about me... not that I like to run. That I was a wolf.



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