When I run


10. Chapter 9

Later that night at dinner we were all in the kitchen eating. I put down my fork a faced the other.

" I have a announcement" I stated

they all looked at me

" im having a bonfire tonight at my place. and I want everyone is come"

" everyone?" Coda asked

" everyone" I said looking at Lowell. I smiled and continued eating

" I think its a great idea" Maia said looking at me " im in"

" anyone else?" I asked

they all agreed " good see you all at my place at eight"

when I was done I went over to Ezra and kissed in on the check " see you tonight?"

" you got it." I smiled and walked home, I hope tonight was going to go well


At 7:30 I stated to get the fire started and put the chairs out. about ten minute later they all started to show up. when was here I started explaining.

" so I wanted to say sorry" I said

they all looked at me confused

" I was not in line Lowell and I aphorize for that It wasn't right for me to do that I am sorry " I looked at Lowell

" thank you " he said

I rubbed my hands together " so I thought we should all get to know each other a little more "

" sounds like a good idea " Roan said

" I was thinking we would all go around and share something about ourselves. " they all nodded

" I guess ill start " Roan said siting up " well im the trustworthy one I've known Barnett since we first starting shifting and we kind of just became good friends. He meant Maia a little while latter and the three of use became really good friends that happened to be wolves "

" well said Roan " Barnett said

" yes good job " agreed Ethan

 I looked at Lowell and he had a confused look

" you look confused you alright Lowell?" I asked him

" well I kind of am "

" what's up " said Roan

" well you said you were three friends that happened to be wolves..."

" yeah " Roan said

" but Maias not a wolf..."

 It got quiet for a minute and we all exchanged looks atone another.

" what did I say" Lowell said holding up his hands in defense

" do you want me to explain ?" Barnett said

" no I got it " she said shifting her weight to face Lowell

" Well I was a wolf once and it was great I loved everything about it. They way it felt the senses everything. and when Barnett and Roan showed up I felt like I had a family that was like me. Then things got bad. I was kitten but a infected emery wolf. The virus was killing me and the only thing that would help me is the wolfs blood. Barnett searched day and night for that wolf Roan by his side. Than we became friends with Ethan. One night  I knew I was going to die I could feel it coming. but when I woke up the next morning everything was fine"

" what happened " Lowell asked

" we don't know " Barnett said

" the next day we found out she couldn't shift." Roan added looking at his hands

" it must have been real hard " Lowell said

" Its was " Maia said she looked over at Barnett " but I had him to help me " she said taking his hand

" when she got infected that's when I imprinted on her " he said looking at her " we've been in love ever since

" wow " said Lowell
" I have my own hatred for that wolf to " said Ethan tensing his jaw

" what happened " Lowell asked " he killed my mate " he said coldly

" what? " he said shocked

" she was with him but she lift him for me, we were in love almost imprinted on her, but he didn't like that so he killed her. " I started at the fire and everyone was silent " I was hunting him to kill him that when I found Barnett "

" why would be do that " Lowell said

" he's twisted " Barnett said

" than we found coda in the mountain he has having a hard time and we brought him in, helped him out and he hasn't gone back since "

" wow.. that's really something where do Ezra and Raine come in "

Ezra looked at me with his shining eyes I loved so much and nudged me to tell.

" well I moved up here to live with my aunt when I was fourteen. I had just started shifting and I couldn't stay at home anymore. things were great I meant Ezra we feel in love imprinted on each other joined Barnett's pack with the others. But about a two years ago she was hit by a drunk driver and died. I was only sixteen I got the house and was supported by my pack" I looked around at the others and remembered how much that helped me

" but I got into a depression and things went really bad for me. I started drinking and didn't stop. I drank until I passed out everyday for weeks. I was a completely different person. but Ezra stayed he helped me tough it everyday. and with his help and the others I stopped"

  I smiled I felt a huge lump in the back of my throat " and I never went back " I looked down knowing I was going to start crying. I looked up again

" look guys I know I don't say this enough. but I love you guys. I really do you helped me out of this giant hole I dug myself into. I was at the lowest point in my life and you helped me though it. I love you guys " I wiped away the tear that escaped onto my cheek

" were a family its what we do. we help each other were there for one another no matter what " Barnett said

we all got up and hugged each other. we spent the rest of the night laughing and talking about memories Barnett was right we ARE a family and that will never change.


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