When I run


9. Chapter 8

" whoa hold on here" Ezra said

" ok time out Lowell you and the others go back to Maias Ezra, Raine come with me."

we followed him as he walked away from the others

" ok what's going on." Ezra said

I looked at Barnett waiting for him to explain.

"I found him in the woods a couple weeks back he needed help, I helped him with food showed him some tips thought id bring in see how things went"

" do you even know anything about him?" I said

" some Raine he's really not a bad guy. he's not in the pack either I wouldn't do that without everyone's consent"

I stood there thinking

" do I have to like him." I asked

"no, but don't give him a hard time " he said

" ok, only if he remembers where his place is"

" will you behave?" he asked

" yes" I grumble still very upset

he handed me my knife upside down he gave me a look, I took it and put it back in my pocket. I walked away still upset  I went back to Maias, she was in the kitchen I sat down in a chair and my put head in my hands.

" how'd it go?" she said

" is he for real with this? he's going to let some loner come in and spy on us we don't know anything about his guy!"

" look he talked to me about it its just for a little while it'll be fine."

" I still don't like him, if theirs something going on I will find out"

" try not to dawn on it to much"

I nodded

" how do the others feel about it?"

" I don't know haven't talked to them much"

" did Barnett give him the ground rules?"

" I think so, yeah"

" well I've got a set of my own" I membered to myself. Maia just looked at me Coda and Lowell walked in behind me. I gave Lowell a dirty look, the name really fit him perfect it means ' new wolf.'

Ezra walked in than we shared the same thought. I walked outside and Ezra brought Lowell

" ok so here's the deal... its kind of a big thing to have a newbie come in so that's why were not thrilled about It" Ezra said facing him.

" I kind of figured the others weren't excited about it either"

 I sighed knowing I had to sallow my hatred for him.

I stuck my hand out " im Raine sorry about that earlier I wasn't expecting this." he shook my hand

" this is Ezra" I said gesturing to him

I looked at Ezra he knew what I was thinking " oh and the most important thing" Ezra said looking at me than back at him,  Lowell nodded

" Don't mess with Raine she's my match, were imprinted on each other were soul mates. you touch her your dead. You hurt me or anyone else in this pack including Maia and she will rip your head before you even knew what happened. We are extremely protective over Raine so don't challenge it."  he looked him right in the eye while saying this, in a tone that even frightened me. You could see a hint of fear in Lowell's eyes.

" will do" he said

" and don't forget your rank" I said going toward the woods. I heard Ezra behind me tell Lowell " dint worry shell warm up"

I grunted

I walked around the woods for a little while just thinking. I decided to head back to Maia's when I got there I didn't go inside I went to the garage when Coda was, he looked up to me as I came in.

" hey there girly" he said looking back down at his work

" come on Coda you know I hate that" I said as I sat down on the bar stool

" yeah I know that's why I say it"

I flashed him a grin, " so what do you think about Lowell?"

" well there's not much to say he pretty much just follows Barnett  around like a lost puppy. its kind of pathetic really.. but other than that he seems pretty cool"

" I just don't understand it. why is he here even if he was a lone wolf he would know that tis is out territory. why would he come on it he would have to know there'd be a fight right?"

" maybe, maybe he didn't have a choice if he was starving or running away from someone"

I looked down and thought for a moment. " do you thinks he dangerous?"

" oh come on do you really think Barnett would do something like that if he knew he was in a danger. he's the Alfa male the protector, the leader he wouldn't do that\."

he was right the thought of him doing something like that was stupid. maybe I should give him a chance I was just overreacting.

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