When I run


8. Chapter 7

Two days later nothing had changed I hadn't gone back to see the others yet, I just stayed in the house with Ezra. That morning the door bell rang I figured it was Barnett checking up on us but to my surprise it was Maia.

"hey you" she said hugging me

"hey I've missed you"

" than you should have come over" she said letting go. She walked in and set the plate she was carrying down on the kitchen table.

" how have you been"

" good I guess"

She gave me a look knowing she didn't quite believe me.

" well we all miss you when are you coming back""

" that's what I've been having trouble on"

by now Ezra left the room knowing Maia and I would want to talk alone.

" how so?" she said eating one of the cookies off the plate.

" I don't want them to look at me differently cause I broke down"
she rolled her eyes " oh please like would treat you different were a family sunny we stay together."

sunny was her nickname for me, it being the opposite of rain.

" I don't know" I said

" well you never will know if you don't try. come on lefts go I have a surprise for you at the house,"

" might it be food?"

" it might be now come on"

I told Ezra we were going and walked out with Maia, he said that he will meet us there later. when we got back to her house I was happy to be back. I loved the smell of her house

" tada" she had taking the cover off something and sitting there was a freshly baked pumpkin pie. one of my favorite things ever.

" you're so good to me" I said sitting down

" its all yours the boys will be back soon" she said smiling

I ate half the pie by the time the others came back

" the party animal is back!" Coda howled coming in with his hands in the air

" speak for your self" Ethan said coming in and playfully hitting his back

" where's Ez" Coda said sitting down

" hell be here soon" Ethan said

" surprised Raine hasn't put a locater ship on him yet" 

" hey none of that in here you want to fight take it outside." Maia said she didn't like that kind if thing in her house

" your just grumpy since Lowell came along" Ethan said

my head shot up at the new word " who's Lowell" I said

" oh yeah you don't know " Ethan said

" shell find out soon enough" Roan said going outside Ethan following him. I looked at Coda and he put his hands up in defense and walked out side with the rest of them.

" Maia?"

" sorry babe not my story to tell."

who the hack is this Lowell guy and why wont anyone tell me who he is.

frustrated I walked outside something was different I looked around. I decided to walk down to the river behind the house. This being the place that always clamed me down.  I signed and sat down on a rock.

my ears perked up. I heard footsteps behind me I slowly got up and turned around. There before me stood a guy with light brown hair and a creepy grin.

" oh sorry I didn't know you where here" I looked up at him

"oh it o..." I was cut off when I saw his eyes. they were green. bright green the same green eyes that the lone wolf had. it was him " fine..." I finished

I put my hand in my pocket for the knife I ALWAYS kept with me.

in one swift motion I grabbed his neck took my knife out and pushed him against a tree putting the knife in front of his throat.

" who are you and what are you doing ere?" I demanded

" whoa whoa no need for that"

" this isn't your territory! why are you here!" I yelled this time I didn't like him here

" its okay in allowed to be here"

" bull "

 " Raine stop! what are you doing!" I turned my head and saw Barnett coming over in a hurry with anger on is face. he pulled me away from the boy.

" why is he here do you know about his!" I said pointing to the outsider. Taking the knife out of my hands

" yeah I was going to tell you about that when I saw you" he looked at me than at him " guess its to late now"

" tell me what?" I said crossing my arms on my chest

"im sort of taking him under my wing for a while." he paused " he's staying with the pack for a while... maybe permently."

"WHAT!!" I yelled making Lowell wince while Barnett took a step back. I noticed the rest of the pack off to the left

" oh boy " Roan said

Ezra came jogging up behind me " Barnett Raine what's going on." he wasn't curious about the newbie.

" Barnett might let a outsider join the pack."

 A/N ( continued on the next chapter) A/N

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