When I run


7. chapter 6

We went over to where our clothes were I told him to hold back my giving him a glare, I shifted and hurried to get my clothes on. I felt Ezra come up behind me.

" do you know him?" I asked softly

" I don't know"

I turning around looking at him in the eyes " what do you mean you don't know" I said starting to get angry.

" I recognized him I think... maybe I knew him as a human" he shrugged " I remember his eyes"

I sighed. I didn't want to deal with this right now. Before I could even consider it he stopped me.

"no" he said in a firm voice grabbing my wrist. " im not letting you"

" why dose it even matter Ezra its not like it makes a difference"

" of course it does! to me and to the rest of the pack"

our voices were getting louder and im sure the others heard us inside. I turned and faced him I want a drink. I felt it. I need it my body was craving it. but the others wouldn't have it.

" Raine..." he said his voice soft " I care about you I love you I don't want you to-do this"

" But why! why " I was yelling now as tear escaped from my eye.

" do you not get it we care about you. you tell me everything we want you to be happy." he was starting to yell to.

" but im not! im hurting inside. Im fighting all the time. I stay calm I try not to think about it and that gets easier around you and the others and when we run but.... when im drinking, it gets SO much easier. I don't have to fight as hard! im tired of fighting Ezra im so tired of it!"

I had tears in my eyes that spilled onto my cheeks. Ezra's eyes were watering. It pained him to see me like this which just made me more sad. I could tell that Barnett, Coda, Roan, and Maia were outside. my legs felt week I could tell they were giving anyway unable to hold me up any longer. I fell grabbing onto Ezra's shirt as he fell with me. I felt so week and empty.

" Ezra... " my voice was soft and faint barely able to hear it.

" im right here Raine" he said holding me tucking a piece of hair behind my ear.

" im sorry.. im so sorry" I said crying again

" its okay."

he pulled me close to him I brought my knees close to my chest he had one hand supporting my head and the other around my waist. I grabbed his shirt.

" please don't leave me please don't leave me."

"I wont I promise."

Barnett  came over and put is hand on Ezra's shoulder " why don't you take her home bub." I heard him say he nodded . he stood up with me in his arms carrying my bridle style. I curled up in his arms and he carried me home.

I woke up as we walked in to my house still curled in his arms. I had a huge headache he carried me into my room and carefully put on my bed.

I grabbed my sweat pants and sweatshirt that were on the end of my bed. I toke off my clothes and put them on Ezra not saying anything. I crawled into bed and he started to walk out.

"hey" I said feeling small. he turned and looked at me. " where are you going?" my voice was frail and raspy no secret I was crying.

" I was going to get you rest "

" doesn't mean you have to leave... can you stay here with me?"

he smiled and walked over to the other side of the bed I sat up

" Ezra can I ask you something?"

" anything."

I looked down fettling with my fingers I felt the tears forming back in my eyes already and I haven't even said anything yet.

" are you mad at me?" I had a lump in the back of my throat I could tell I was going to start crying again.

" no.no of course not" he sifted himself toward me. " why would you say that."

" im putting you though hell and I basically told you your love doesn't mean anything to me and it dose it means so much to me and  feel like I don't deserve it.."

he took my hands in his and looked at me " Raine" he said softly " Raine look at me " he let go  off my hands and out them on my cheeks holding my face.

" no matter what you do. im not leaving, you can push me put all you want but im not going anywhere. im here for you. Im always will be no matter what happens. he wiped away another tear that feel out of my eyes. I hugged him and he held me tight and I just did the same.

" I love you Ezra"

" I love you to."

we layed down and I put my head on his chest. he held me in his arms not letting go and the two of us fell asleep just like that.


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