When I run


6. Chapter 5


" oh Raine" he said sighing stepping closer to me " do you have any fears?"

he said looking deep into my eyes

" losing you.." I said quietly

he pulled me into his arms and whispered in my ear " you know that I couldn't live without you.."

"I know" I said back

At that moment all my problems melted away and the other thing that existed in the word was me and Ezra.

A/N I changed the beginning in chapter four!! so if you get confused on what's going on just go back and re-read THANK YOU EVERYONE

Chapter 5

I couldn't help but smile. That's when Coda walked in " oh geez get a room" he said walking past us.

" we had one" Ezra said throwing a rag at him. Ezra smiled kissed me on the check and walked out of the shied. I walked  over to coda and sat down on one of the many bar stools that were in the garage.

" would you mind doing a tune up on my mike for me? I think I need new shocks but you know more than I do"

" sure where is it" he said standing up

" at home" I said he looked at me confused

" Ezra gave me a ride"

" Ezra has a car?" he said looking even more confused

" no he gave a piggy back ride" I said blushing

He just gave a short laugh and turned around and rifled though his tools " you to im telling you"  said looking down

" what?"

" your like the perfect couple."

" that's cause we are Coda, he's my match my other half... my best friend" I said zoning off

" well your lucky" he said putting away a screwdriver still not looking up at me.

" you'll find someone to Coda your a great guy."

he turned around and looked at me " thanks Raine"

I smiled and walked out of the shield. I felt so bad for Coda he has had such a hard past. I wish he had someone like I do. I looked up and saw Ezra in the woods . His beautiful dark brown eyes sparkling gold as the sun hit it. It matched perfectly with dark brown and black fur, he looked good as a wolf he looked confident. I ran up to him taking off my clothes at I got to 'my' tree. I throw them under the tree and shifted into a wolf myself. I stretched out my muscles getting for a run. We ran into the woods together two hearts intertwined beating strong with a unbreakable love. he's my forever my other soul mate and I was his.

He was my imprint

We ran thought the woods together ducking trees and playing with each other the way that wolves do. Jumping over each other, tackling each other in a friendly manner. We played a game resembling hide in seek I would run of and he would find me easy for wolves to do.



I was running off to hide when I stopped right in my tracks, there before me was the same wolf I had seen this morning with Barnett.  I went behind a tree hoping he wouldn't notice me. Ezra tackled me from the side but I didn't react as though I normally would have. I got up and kept my eyes on the wolf. Ezra looked up where my I was looking I could feel he was curious. I sent him a memory of that morning when I had first seen the wolf. He looked at me knowing it was the same one.

I had the ability to know what he was thinking, before I started shifting I could tell what people where going to do. now stable and with Ezra I now know  that I can feel his emoticons and sometimes tell what he is thinking when the connection is strong enough. and he can do that same with me. This was very rare in imprinted couples giving just another reason that Ezra and I are meant for each other.

      He could tell I felt stressed he came up to me and nuzzled me comforting me as I did the same back. we bother just ran off again continuing our play. I wanted to forget the whole thing right now and be with Ezra. that was the only thing that mattered.

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