When I run


5. Chapter 4

       As is was walking to Maias to Maias the next Moring I meant Ezra not even a quarter of the way there. I jumped on his back and he gave me a piggy back ride all the way to Maias. I was wearing a shirt that she had picked out for me last night.  Again I noticed that Barnett wasn't there I started to wonder if something was going on. Thinking back he has been acting a little strange lately, I thought eh would have shown up late like yesterday but he didn't. I looked up from eating the others didn't seem to mind his absence when I was done eating I told them I was going to go on a walk.

              I was walking thought the woods in my bare feet and human skin. I loved the way the ground felt beneath my feet. I took a deep breath and opened my eyes to find Barnett not far away from me. I knew it was him right away not only by his scent but by the fact that he is bigger than the rest of us. He has a solid black coat as dark and mysterious as the night, broad shoulders, and a strong stance. He was born to be a leader it was in his blood. But he wasn't alone there was another wolf with him one not from our pack. He was smaller than him and me. He had a light brown a blond coat and perishing green eyes. His scent was strange to me one I have never come across I didn't know who he was. Maybe he was a lone wolf, but if that is true was is Barnett helping him. After watching for a few minute's I found out what was really happening. Barnett was helping this strange wolf. He had attacked a deer and let this weak no good Stanger have it all to himself.

             I started walking back to Maias confused at what I just saw. I didn't know what I just witnessed, he wasn't betraying the pack was he? NO! he couldn't be he was the leader.

                      .                                        .                                             .        

           I jogged back to Maias I wanted to get back before Barnett did if he was heading to Maias which I had a feeling he was.  I walked in the house and went to the fridge for a bottle of water instead I saw a can of beer. My hands were trembling with temptation, I was trying to stop drinking after was happened with my aunt but it was so tempting. I slammed the door with anger and went in to the living room. Ethan, Ezra, and Roan were sitting on the couch and Coda was sitting in the chair. I sat in the other chair and stared right at Ezra basically burning a whole though his head. He looked up right away feeling my anxiety, I gave him a 'follow me look' and walked right outside. I didn't think anybody else noticed except for Coda, a second later he came out of the house.

 " what's up?" he said throwing his hands up in the air.

" I need to talk to you come on" I walked to the shed knowing he was following me I shut the door after me turned around and rubbed my face in frustration.

" Raine what going on " Ezra said getting worried

" I was walking in the woods this morning and I saw Barnett as a wolf"

" so?" he said confused and a little upset

" helping a outsider." I sighed

his face dropped not believing what I said " what?"

" yeah he helped the wolf attack a deer and just walked away just letting the weak link have it. "

" did you recognize him?" he asked me

" no, not at all we never came across his send before his is a total stranger. "

he nodded believing me knowing I never forget a scent,

I looked up at him worried

" Ez what if he's betraying the pack?" I said quietly

" no, no way he wouldn't do that he's the leader."

" I know but what if-"

" Raine" he said cutting me off


" were you following him again?"

" no I was walking around and just happened to see him." I said holding back a smile

" oh Raine" he said sighing stepping closer to me " do you have any fears?"

he said looking deep into my eyes

" losing you.." I said quietly

he pulled me into his arms and whispered in my ear " you know that I couldn't live without you.."

"I know" I said back

At that moment all my problems melted away and the other thing that existed in the word was me a nd Ezra.

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