When I run


4. Chapter 3

 After we came back from our walk we went to maias cause it was lunch time. I was sitting at the counter when  I saw Barnett get up and walk outside, I scarfed down my food and hurried after him.

" Barnett" I said catching up to him as I got outside I wanted to be away from the others so they couldn't hear. I looked up at him and he had dark bags under his eyes, he looked dead tired like he hasn't slept in days, but I caught my self before I stared to long.

" Im sorry I ran ahead the other day, I got a little carried away I didn't mean to challenge you. "

"  Raine when you became stable I offered you the spot for Alpha Female and you declined so you could be with Ezra. I still think you would a great Alpha Female but you declined that doesn't mean you can pull stuff like that. "

" I know and I stand by my choice I just got carried away im.. sorry is there something that is there something that I can do?"

He thought for a minute and looked up " stay from the next run " and he had a straight face when he said it.

" what?" I said completely shocked. I know what I did was wrong but this was to big of punishment. Running with the pack makes you come closer together and stronger as unit.

He looked at me with the same look he gave when I ran ahead. I looked down and quietly said " yes sir"

he nodded and turned towards the woods. great. I thought kicking a rock in frustration. Maia came out of the house.

" hey have you seen Barnett?" she asked when we say me

" yeah he went for a walk."

I stood there silently for a minute thinking with my hands in my back pockets of my jeans.

" Hey Maia" I said before she went into the house, she turned around

" yeah?" she said

" you want to go to town, I need to get some more clothes and it helps if I have a buddy."

" sure id like that let me grab my purse" she said smiling. I smiled to

Me and Maia spent the rest of the day shopping. We got home kind of late so we just had dinner in town. I literally dropped when I got home, not long after that I fell asleep to the sounds of the woods.



Sorry I know this is a short chapter I couldn't find a way to get the next one in with out it being completely long. How do you guys think im doing? Its my first story so I don't know... Let me know what you think!! Thanks


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