When I run


3. Chapter 2

The next moring I woke up and got my self out of bed. I went to my closet pulled out a shirt, pants, and a pair of shoes. After I got dressed and did my moring routine I decied to walk to Maias house instead of riding my bike. I got my keys of the countr and walked outside locking my door, before I turned around a pair of strong arms wrapped around my waist. I could tell it was Ezra before turning around.

" I wanted to wake you up" he said whispering in my ear

" well your to late " I said as I turned around and kissed him good moring.

" feel like giving me a piggy back ride?"

He turned around " hopp on"

I jumped of his back and he went to Maias with me half sleeping on his back.

When we got to Maias I was still of Ezras back he walked inside and I hopped down with a big smile on my face.

"  There They are!" Roan said with a mouth full of pancake

" really its about time." Ethan said

" shut up" I said grabbing a pankcake form his plate, he faught me for it but I still got it.I than grabbed a plate of the own and at the counter where I useally do. After relizing that two of our pack were gone I asked " where syrus and Barnett?"

Roan looked up at me and said "Cyrus got sick and I dont know about Barnett havent seen him, what about you Ethan?"

" nope " he said

Thats werid I thought Barnett is useally always the first one here. I thought about taking a walk in the woods to see if  I could find him but than I relized it proablly wasnt a good idea considering I didnt know if he was still made at me. In his eyes the leader is the domient one the Alpha male and he is supposed to be in the frount and that ment I was trying to take that away from him which I wasnt trying todo. He had the right to snarl at me. Right than he walk in, he sat down and by the smell of him we could all tell he was recently a wolf. This was werid he doesnt ever shift without the pack what was going on but we all knew better than to ask that question. After breakfest I went outside and Ethan followed me.

" What do you think is going on?" he asked coming up behind me

" I dont know but im not gonna ask."

" I dont think hes still made at you Raine."

" I dont know but I dont wanna find out the wrong way."  I said half laughing

" hey it will be okat just be patient" he said putting his hand on my sholder trying to comfret me.

Just than Ezra came running up behind us

" Hey Ethan you trying to steak my girl?" he shouted

" nope I know better than todo that."

" good cause shes mine!"

He came up behind me and swopped me off my feet holding me bridal style. I laughed in his arms making him smile uncontrollably. He went up to a tree and leaned me against it now holding me in frount of him. I wrapped my legs around his waist and put my arms around his neck. He kissed me and put his arms around my waist still holding me up. I pulled away and looking his eyes knowing the same spark was there from the first day we ment. I smiled to myself and just kissed him again, he backed up and spund me around in his arms. I really dont think he knew how much I loved him....



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