When I run


18. Chapter 17

I leaded my pack on the field unafraid of what was about to come. We may not have looked strong but we were more powerful now then ever. The closer I got to the Alpha of our reveal pack the more I could see the end of uncertainly in his eyes.

Still in fount, with my pack behind me. I looked him dead in the eyes and sized up to him. I was bigger and more powerful than him. Claiming the most dominant alpha here. That gave me a prideful feeling I knew now that I was able to control every wolf here. my pack or not. The wolves in the back of his group barred their necks to me in submission.

That instantly told me they were the weaker wolves and they would be easier to take out. I could see the udder shock in Lowell's eyes out of the corner of my eyes. Still holding my gaze with their so called leader.

The wolves behind the leader and Lowell also bowed down to my dominance. I got an impatient feeling and descried to put my new control to the test. I let out a growl that came from deep with in me barring my teeth at him.

He's eyes looked uneasy but still be refused to bow down to me. I growled louder and snarled fiercer. Lowell Bow down to me not being able to resist. This left only m and the beat, his head slowly went to the ground still trying to fight the urge. Finally I took a daring step forward and took his muzzle in my mouth. Proving my dominance and strength. Holding it for a few deadly seconds I could feel the shock of my pack behind me. I let go and hovered over him again demanding him to bow. He looked at me chocked but bowed down to me none the less unable to resist my higher power against him. He barred his neck to me finally submitting giving me absolute power. I stood victor's and took that moment to take advantage.

In one swift move his beck was in my deadly laws and I pinned him to the ground. I could since the shock of his pack as they tired to come and attack me in attempt to save their alphas life. But my pack was fast and lunched toward them before they could get to me. My teeth sank into his neck and blood soon drained from his neck. With a finial bone crushing bit I broke his neck and tossed him to the side like nothing leaving him for the dead.

I looked and saw the wolves that once belonged to the proud alpha male were now attacking mine. I walked though the growling and snapping wolves and came behind Barnett who was distracting Lowell. He stepped aside and let me to him I lowered my head and growled still keeping my size.

The wolves around us stopped fighting and formed a circle around me, knowing this was the moment. I may have already killed their Alpha but my business wasn't done yet. I stopped circling him and stood their glaring at him my eyes had power and determination. that made his be filled with fear.

I spoke in his mind

" you want a fight. well now you got one. you messed with the wrong Alpha. "

I lunged toward him unafraid and full of power. I successfully grabbed his neck and rolled him onto the ground. shifting my grip to get a better hold he slipped out of my grasp and got back up on his paws.

I growled deeply unhappy of my mistake for a moment I wonder if it was even worth killing him. But then m mind went back to when I saw Ezra injured unable to even move.

That when things really went into top gear. anger raised thought my body making my heart beat faster and faster my breath quickened as I bared my teeth even more, snarling at my unworthy opponent. MY ears were flat and I was in fight mood. my tail was tucked between my legs body heaving legs tense with my claws coming out.

My eyes burned red with anger and furry as crystal as the deep blue sea with sparks of white thunder flashing across them. the amount of anger I had frightened my pack even more who was standing behind Lowell.

Lowell shrunk down like a scared rabbit surrounding to my  power.

That's when Ezra's voice came into my mind

" what are you doing?"  He asked me worried

" my job"  Was all I said

 I lunged to him my hind legs pushing me off the ground. I grabbed his neck and held it letting him scum in the pain. A mournful cry came out of him as his eyes clenched in fear. I gripped tighter and within a matter of seconds he was struggling to breath. I took his last few minutes of life to tell him the reasoning of his harsh and painful punishment.

" This is what happens when you hurt my mate. I warned you not to hut him and you ignored it. how you will pay the price. To bad you didn't know I was an Alpha. "

I swung my head back and forth jerking his body around like a rag doll. I felt his neck crack and I clutched my  jaws one last time. I let go of him and looked up at my pack with blood dripping from my fur around my muzzle. My breath was fast and loud. Sounding like a train that was coming right toward you.

My wolves stood back in shock at what I had just done. But the shock soon filled with fear.

Just than the direct Alpha from the other pack came out of nowhere and jumped on Barnett's back. Unprepared Barnett fell to the ground pinned down by the other wolf biting his neck struggling to get back up.

I arched my back and bolted toward them. I hit the side of the enemy wolf like a car hitting a traffic cone. We fumbled to the ground rolling over and over again  until I was on top of him. I snarled right in his face than grabbed the soft spot of his throat. Once again right where his chin meets the neck. I bite down and tore his neck. His blood was everywhere from me cutting the main blood vein. When I knew he was good and dead I got off of him and went over to my former Alpha..


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