When I run


17. Chapter 16

My eyes that were once filled with anxiety and fear are now filled with pride and strength. I lowered my eyes and a crimson smile came across my face. I could hear my pack closing in behind me with Barnett's strong stance in fount.

I shifted into my powerful wolf form but not how I usually do. My body grew and shifted into a new and threating height. I had stronger taller legs and a heaving chest that was showing all it's glory. My teeth were bigger and sharper and the growl that was coming out of me was like nothing I've ever heard. Twice the size I was before my new stance was strong and threating. I had my paws spread and my new body stretched to it's new size. My teeth showing with a deep and edgy growl coming from deep within me. My pack was not three feet away and I stood my stance waiting for them to return.

They stopped in there tracks in fount of me. Shock written all over their faces.

Barnett stood their just inches from me. Taking In my new stance and rank. I stood their unfazed by his presence staring down at him challenging his dominance and place.

Now as big as he was with a little extra on my side Barnett was no problem for me. I was claiming my rightful place in my pack and I was willing to show whatever I need to, to prove it.

Not breaking my gaze I could see the rest of the pack bare their necks to me in submission. Agonizing my new power. This only gave me more pride and added wood to the fire that was burning inside of me. After several minutes Barnett took a step back and slightly bowed his head. Accepting my new power but still holding his own.

Over come with victory and pride I leaned my neck back and rose to the sky. A booming and strong howl filled the air around me. as I took my new spot in the pack as alpha female.

I looked at Barnett with eyes filled with happiness but was hidden with determination. The rest of my pack had gotten up and they all looked at me waiting for me to lead them into your near future victory. With one solid jump I rose in the air and was facing the other way. I could feel Barnett come next to me taking his place. He looked at me and I looked right back at him. HIs voice came into my head.

" nice of you to finally join the alpha pride"

I gave him a look but he continued " I promised you you're chance and here it is be the alpha you kept inside. let the power run free"

i gave him a small nob and we took off running

i was in the front with Barnett slightly behind me since I was the fastest. Faster now. It felt amazing to finally let the power run free. My aunt was right I was born to be an alpha

A few miles later I could feel us coming up to the clearing where the emery pack was waiting. I stopped a few feet away and turned to Barnett and we turned to the pack tighter.

his voice can into all of our minds

" this is it.. its now or never don't fail us or your pack mates if you don't have a reason to do it, do it for Ezra. He has been there for us when we needed him. we owe him this much." 

he turned to me and privately said

" this is your chance they messed with the wrong girl show them what happens when they mess with an alphas mate."

I nobbled at him and turned around preparing to walk into a fight I was fully set on to win. I closed my eyes and Ezra hurt and injured came into my mind. them attacking him. the anger raged though my body and my heart rate quickened. The urge to kill was in my eyes my claws could no longer contain themselves and pressed into the ground.

With my new strength and size I was intimating and I knew it. And I was planning on using every once of that. MY body grew once again becoming ligger yet. I snarled at the mouth snapping ready to fight.

I was now towering over Barnett and I took full dominance. My paws were spread apart my stance proud and daring with my head held higher . I had fire in my eyes and everyone knew it. I gave of a silent warning telling them we were going in. Barnett stepped up to me but I snapped at him to get back. This was my fight and my pack. He gave me a fiery look but backed down. My head held high and the thirst for blood within me I marched out of the woods and toward the clearing.

I could see them before they a could see me. All I could think was how weak they looked. I let out a puff of air and stepped out ready to win this battle.



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