When I run


16. Chapter 15.

As I got back to my house I didn't go inside like I normally would have. I went around back to the spot that I knew all to well. the spot where my aunt was buried. Since I didn't tell anyone she died I decided to lay her in the edge of the woods line. Flowers bloomed around her grave

I knelt down.

" hey " I said quietly " you deserve better so much better than this. Im wondering if I should have told everyone when you died. In wondering if I made the right choice I mean I guess I could tell then not, but who knows how that's going to turn out"

I sat in silence for a while

" Ezra got hurt Aunt May he was attacked by an outsider who was trying to get to me im trying so hard not to be angry but he hurt my mate he deserves to die... but im not going to lash out. I know my time will come and when it does ill be ready."

I smiled a evil grin. " keep watching over me love you "

I went inside and got ready for bed. It wasn't long until I fell asleep thinking nothing but Ezra.


The next morning I woke up like I do every morning. After showering I brushed my teeth and hair. I put on my black skinny jeans with rips in them and a white short sleeve shirt. I made a protein shake for breakfast and drank it quickly.

I grabbed my keys and left in a hurry eager to get to Ezra's house. I walked outside onto the front porch and stopped in my tracks. I smelled the air friskily. Their was a scent I didn't belong and this time I knew it was Lowell's. My eyes raged at fury at the thought of him even thinking of coming back. I turned around and checked to see it was normal. nothing looked out of place

I called Barnett and told him I then started walking to his house. Distracted by all the thoughts running around in my head. I walk walking right next to the woods line on an old beaten dirt road that isn't much of a road anymore. I stopped dead as a door nail as I saw a flash of grey fur run out in front of me. I felt the wind run behind me. I turned around spinning on my heals. I stained m y ears to hear everything around me. I smelled the air and my eyes widened when I realized what was going on.

The outsiders. They were here. and going to attach.

I sent an emergency mind message to Barnett and the other telling the to come. now.

I stood there helplessly unsure of what to do.

I could fell my heart bear in my throat

My breath quick and frantic my mind was racing but my body stands still as I can feel the anxiety come over me. My palms sweat, my eyes widen, and my ears open wide. I slow my breathing and feel a presence beside me. Just then I hear a whisper.

 " be clam my child, for you have strength. Your heart is pure and your mind is sharp. You are always aware do not be afraid you always have you wits about you. You have power deep within you. You always know what  to do. You are not weak. You are strong. Be the alpha I know you to be. Go I strong and win the fight, make them fear you by just your sight " 

just as it came my aunts voice faded out of my mind.

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