When I run


15. Chapter 14.

At Ezra's house

Seeing Ezra after being apart was like discovering who I was again. I had always loved his house his mom always welcomed me in with open arms and his dad had always liked me. I talked with im for what felt like forever. I missed him, I missed the way it felt when he hugged me and the way his lips felt when they were on mine.. how perfect they felt.

I looked up as his mom walked in the room. " Raine dear are you staying the night? " she asked

His parents knew about us knew we were imprinted  that we were soul mates and that were never going to be apart. They were fine with it and they supported it the fact of us together.

" I wish, but I want to see the others before dark. "

" ok dear, well you know your welcome anytime. "

" thanks Mrs.H"

" honey how many times have I told you call me Emma. "

" thank you Emma "

she smiled and closed the door behind her as she left

" you really have to leave?" Ezra asked me his voice sad ass my grabbed my hand.

" I haven't seen them in days I have to "

" ok " he said

I hugged him and walked out the door and headed toward Maia.

I walked to Maia at a rather fast pace my mind full of thoughts. I couldn't stop thinking about Ezra I wanted to be with him so much. The urge was almost uncontrollable. The more time I spent away from him the more I wanted to be with him. Like im trying to make up the lost time.

When the house came to view all I could do was smile at the little house with a million memoires. I walked in and found Maia in the kitchen as always.

" oh my gosh! my baby's back! " she said giving me a huge hug

" oh and much stronger then before " she said when she felt my muscles. " sweat heart I have missed you more then you know. I love those guys more then anything but its so much easier when I have my girl with me "

I smiled and hugged her again

" I've missed you too, where are the guys?"

" they went out to check for Lowell to make sure he's not around here "

I nodded not saying anything.

" they should be coming back soon." she said

" im going to wait for them " i said

" alright sweetie"

I went behind the house where the river is and looked around i took a deep breath and let out a sigh.


 This place is so beautiful! so much more pretty then the streets and car fumes nothing but mature out here. I breathed in the woods scent, this is my new home... I have a pack now what every wolf wants.

I heard a around behind me and I turned about scared not ready for a fight I was still a newbie

a guy came out of the trees with a proud stance a strong body and black hair

" oh hi " he said stopping " are you the new pack member?"

I nodded my head slightly

" im in the pack too my names Ezra is means helpful "

 I smiled

" theirs nothing to be afraid of, your safe here were a family well protect you"

his voice made me weak on my knees. Something about him made my heart rise.

" im not sure I need protecting " I said quietly

he smiled " have you meant the rest of the pack yet?"

I shock my head

" come on ill introduce you "

I walked toward him

" I didn't catch you name " he said looking at me

" Raine " I said smiling " it means mysterious " we both said at the same time I smiled bigger.

" its kind of my favorite name... and sort of my lucky name"

" huh " I said

" guess it still works " he said smiling down at me

we smiled and looked at each other. It was like our eyes were glued together. I felt myself drawn to him.


my mind was pulled back to the present, I didn't know it at the time but that when i meant my soul mate.

I was pulled out of my thoughts when a single wolf howl filled the air. my head shot up at he howl the other joined in changing pitches flowing tighter in a perfect way. this was the call my pack did when someone in the  group was injured my heart cried out knowing it was for Ezra. I used to join into the wolfs lullaby but couldn't. my love went out to my pack and i longed to be surrounded by them.

As I heard them approach the woods line no longer in their powerful wolf form. I did a call that we do as humans when locating each other a simple two short howls. they returned my call with a bunch of small bark like noises. they emerged from the woods and hurried toward me happy I was back.

" we got our Raine back " Roan shouted

" another member to the chase" Coda said

" alight guys calm down we still got someone injured." Barnett said stepping in

mu eyes saddened and Barnett sighed knowing what he said . I shrugged it off and changed the  subject.

" did you find anything? " I said

" no" Barnett said letting out a deep breath " but that doesn't mean he's not still watching" he looked over at me. " he could be anywhere we have to be careful"

 I wasn't scared I knew my pack would protect me and he knew what he did. If anyone should be scared it should be him. the thought of what he did brewed inside me again. I clenched my fists in anger wanted it force the pain on him as he inflicted on me. I closed my eyes and pushed away the pain.

" so what happens now? do we just wait for him to return do we look for him what?" I asked agar for the hunt.

" well theirs not much we can do. but I think our choice is to wait and be prepared if he comes back. we need to be ready. " Barnett said

" what if he doesn't " Coda said

" then well rose that road when we get there."

we all nodded in agreement

Maia howled three long notes indicating dinner was ready.The guys headed off but I didn't move.

" you coming?" Ethan said noticing I didn't move

 " no I think im going to head home. " I answered

" you sure?"

" yeah I have some stuff to finish up on "

" ok be careful" he said


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