When I run


14. Chapter 13

Four hours later I heard silent steady wolf paws behind me I didn't need to turn around to know it was my pack coming for me. They sat among me and stared at me concern filled their minds but all that's was in mine was destroying Lowell. After  a while they knew I wasn't going to leave I remained still and silent as the wind as they started to leave. my mind was set. I was ready for a fight know matter what it took. I warned Lowell and he made a big mistake now he will just see how powerful I am.


                                      ~ 4 days later ~

I woke up just like any other say but this time I wasn't going to Maias. I haven't been there for the past five days I got up and put my hair in a pony tail. Then I put on my favorite work out bra and matching shorts. I walked into the garage turned on the lights and turned on the radio. a rock song came on and I turned up the volume. I cracked my back and put my boxing gloves on. I walked over to the punching bag I had chained to the ceiling. it wasn't long before I was in a rhythm of punches and kicks.

Two hours later I could tell Barnett was there, I could feel his strength and power against my weak body. I didn't stop when he walked in he just stood there watching me not knowing what to say.

" is this what you've been doing for the past five days?"

" maybe " I said out of breath trying not to lose my rhyme.

he walked over to my radio and turned it off than walked over next to the punching bag and looked at me.

" rain, this isn't going to help " he said crossing his arms

" how do you know " I said still not looking at him

" because I do. your wearing yourself out for nothing if you stop you could hurt yourself "

" ill survive "

he grabbed my shoulders and turned me toward him forcing me to look at him

" look  know what your going though the exact same thing happened to me when Maia was infected. I searched for that basted day and night not stopping for anything. I was basically killing myself over it. and the worst part was I wasn't there for Maia. I was so focused on the would I didn't pay any attention to her "

I stood there looking at him. he never talked about what happened with him and Maia when she was sick. But I could see the resemblance now. But there was still something I had to do.

" I want him dead Barnett. " I said coldly

: I know trust me I know and you will get a chance to do that one day, but for now you need to be with Ezra " he let go of me and just looked at me. I sighed knowing he was right and that he just wanted to help me.

" ok " I said

" good now get some clothes on Ezra wanted to see you. "

I laughed not really knowing why but it felt good. Barnett waited in the living room while I got changed. I was hoping Ezra wouldn't be mad at me

A/N short I know sorry!! more to come! tell me what y`all think so far

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