When I run


13. Chapter 12

I woke up starving and with a head ace. I looked around seeing it was not my room. I got up and realized it was Maias room. I walked out the doorway to the kitchen where she was talking with Barnett. Roan, Coda, and Ethan were sitting at the kitchen table

" looks who's up " Roan said

" enough of that " Maia said coming over to me " how are you?"

I held my head

" where is that basted" I said

" who?" Maia asked me

" Lowell "

" we don't know he ran off " Barnett said

he paused for a second " do you know what he gave you?" he asked me

" yeah the basted drugged me"

everyone's ears perked up " what " Barnett said

" how do you know " Coda asked

I didn't say anything I just bit my lip

" Raine " Barnett said

" I just do "

" how" Roan said

" I got high a few times after my Aunt died "

they all sighed in disappointment

" and you are sire its that same stuff " Barnett said

" yeah it was enough to kill a Clydesdale "  I said looking around  "where Ezra?" I asked

they all looked at each other avoiding my eyes

" where Ezra " I said more firmly while my hands found there way into fists.

Ethan could tell I was starting to get upset and nudged Barnett.

He looked up at me and cleared hiss throat

" um.. well..."  he muddled scratching his head

" some tell me! " I shouted startling the others

" he got hurt Lowell is stronger than we thought. He had Ezra pined and was attacking him within seconds. He dislocated his shoulder and was a huge gash on his side... he cant get up "

My teeth clenched together and my nails were driving into the plans of my hands. MY eyes burned with fury and hatred. My breath came faster and faster. My back shacked backward thrusting my arms behind me. I shifted knocking over a few chairs in to process. I starched my body to my whole size anger rising in me.

The other stood trying to calm me down. But I snapped at them as if I were wild and untamed. I ran past them and out the doorway closing the gape between me and the woods. I felt them came after me and shift themselves, but I out ran them with ease. I went faster everything around me was a blur sound faded out the only thing I could hear was the sound of my paws pounding against the earth.

 I ran and ran and ran trying to run away from the anger in me. but It stayed with me I ran to next three hours non stop. finally I stopped at the edge of out territory staring into enemy and. I was ready and my eyes said it all the only thing on my mind was killing Lowell.



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