When I run


12. Chapter 11

I felt a cold cloth on my forehead some of my senses were starting to come tough but my eyes remained closed. I heard someone calling my name soft and quietly. I tried to open my eyes when I finally did I say Maia standing over me. I moaned " hey " she said

" how's it going"

" where am I? " I asked my voice raspy

" at home the boys brought you here "

" mmmmmmmmm " I said

" how are you feeling "

" ok " than it hit me, what happened

" where's Ezra is he okay? where is he?" I said looking around

" he's okay he okay " she said trying to clam me

" where is he "

" at my house I didn't want you to get flustered with all the people"

" okay."


Maia took care of me for the rest of the day until I could do things for myself. MY side was still sore and I needed to refrain from shifting for a while. By the end of the day I was feeling fine.

The next day I went to Maias earlier than I would have. I also decided to walk there, when I was about half a mile from her house I saw Lowell.

" what are you doing up and walking " he said

" didn't think I could get nocked down that easy could yea " I said

he did a long sigh I could tell he was stressed

" what " I said snippy

" I've been thinking and theirs been something that I've wanted to say now that I know all you guys better. "

" what is that?"

he stopped and looked at me straight  in the eye   " you "

" what? " I said confused I looked in his eyes they looked scary and everlasting

" I want you " he said he stepped toward me " and I will do anything to get you"

he stepped  even closer to me my back against a tree his face got close to mine I could feel his breath

" your special Raine.. and you know it now you need to explore it"

he was dangerously close to me not. I felt his hand touch my arm and move to my back. the touch of his hand on my the back of my shirt sent chilled up my spine. his hand moved lower it my back and he stopped in the middle

" you and Ezra may be match's but their are other people out there who care about you"

I was shaking. He took the hand that was on my check and took something out of his pocket. I felt a pain in my arm. I looked down and there was a needle in my arm, I have had enough. I pushed him and searched for my pocket. Everything started getting blurry and swirling. I feel to the ground he got up and walked to me. I saw Ezra as a wolf tackle him and knock him to the ground Roan kneeled in front of me I saw his lips moving that I blacked out. The last thing I heard was wolves growling and fighting

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