When I run


11. Chapter 10

The next day things went back to normal. Roan was joking around and was there for others. Coda was I the garage working on what ever his project was that week. Ethan was in the living room watching anything sport related that was on TV. Maia was contently in the kitchen. Barnett was either with Maia or doing his own thing. And me and Ezra were spending every moment together. The only person who wasn't doing there own thing was Lowell. Most likely cause he didn't know what to do. He looked lost, I was sitting on the bar stool helping Maia roll meat balls we were talking about everything. I looked down into the bowl of meat and sighed.

" what's up?" Maia said

" I just realized something..." I paused and looked outside " I haven't ran in a while."

she put her hands down on the counter " then go" was all she said

I bit my lip and looked at her " yeah I think I will" I said nodding

she smiled and said " ok get out of here "

I bounced outside happy at the thought of being strong and powerful again. Barnett noticed my happiness and turned to me

" what are you so smiley about "

" I am going running " I said

he smiled " okay have fun " he said turning to leave " hey " he called I turned around to look at him " keep an eye out for Lowell "

" will do " I said

I went about two or three feet in the woods and went behind the tree I always put my clothes near. I took them off and put them by the tree I took a deep breath and shifted I shook out my thick coat and stretched out my muscles there were acing to run. I began to run it didn't take long for me to find my natural stride. I ran against the wind and though the trees. I missed this, running was the way I forgot everything that was happening and just cleared my head.

 About an hour latter I was still running strong. I slowed down until I was to a complete stop. I looked around to find out where I was. I was at the end of our territory. I knew that I couldn't pass the line and I wasn't about to. I layed down and relaxed. My head and ears perked up when I hears a familiar  voice that was still ne to me. I stood and looked around trying to find the source. I stopped when I saw Lowell standing leaning against a tree. Why is he all the way out here? a few minutes went by and a guy showed up. He was tall and fit ( as were all of us wolves ) he had a dark shirt on and short cropped hair. he walked up to Lowell. I noticed they started talking. I listened in.

" nothing yet " Lowell said

" well you better get moving. we only have so much time. "

" well she wasn't crazy about me the first time she pulled a knife on me."

" who cars get her to like you become close to her "

" look there's a problem," Lowell said

The man crossed his arms " what " he spit

" she has a match their imprinted on each other its crazy how close they are. "

he muttered a cuss word and thought for a minute.

" ok I know what to do, you need to get her alone turn her against him" he said confidently

" I cant do that their perfect for each other "

he took Lowell by the shoulders and shook him while he talked

" look we need you to do this. were counting on you. we need her with her power we can rule everything. and you would be the one  to pull it off don't fail us"

I couldn't help but think who this person was they were talking about. than my mind totally shifted when I caught the scent of the other person, he was from the other side. a outsider. an enemy. I growled and got close to the ground. I went up to him my teeth showing ears backing ready to fight. The others already knew what was happening . Wolf telepathy ( something i don't use often ) they were on their way all of them ready to defend what's ours.

I got closer to them staying low to the ground warning him to go back on his own land. He seemed fearless of me but I didn't take my eyes of him the other were almost here. He looked down at me with a face of pity. He wasn't scared of me. He walked over to me and kicked me in the side, hard. I feel to the ground in pain whimpering on my side that's when i saw Ezra on top of him teeth baring right in his face with a growl I've never heard before. he pushed him off to his side and shifted himself. Barnett snipped at him as he was going to make sure he understood the message. Ezra came over to me and nuzzled my telling me he cared. Barnett asked me if I could get up I said no he had broken a few of my ribs. I suddenly felt very tired and soon realized I was falling asleep. I urged myself to stay awake but soon it was to much to fight. and I drifted into a soundless sleep. 

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