When I run


2. Chapter 1

When everyone caught there breath we made our way to maias. I went to my spot in the woods away from the others and shifted back into my weak human skin. I put on the clothes I left for myself and jogged to catch up with the others. when I got to them Barnett the alpha male of the pack didn't look happy and his body language matched. I knew he wasn't happy with me I would just give him his space. I walked into the house to the smell of perfectly cooked chicken, Maia was a amazing cook so was the one who made to meals for the pack. she was ALWAYS in the kitchen cooking cause when you have to feed six wolves three times a day you cook a lot. the guys were already sitting down and at the table eating. I walked to over to Maia she looked at me

" Barnett doesn't look happy what happened?" she said handing me a plate with eight chicken legs and as mound of mashed potatoes on it.

" I ran ahead and gave him an annoyed look."  I said grabbing the plate.

" again with the running ahead"

" its not my fault I live to run" I said hugging her

I walked outside on to the porch and just stood there for a second just listening to the sounds of the forest. Then I walked to the river behind the house and sat down on a rock and ate my dinner.

I was done pretty quickly I usually go back for seconds and thirds but this time I didn't. I was just to busy thinking this time. I heard a sounds somewhere behind me I turned my head and saw Ezra coming out of the woods. He had on shorts and a black short sleeve shirt that I loved when he wore. he came over and kissed me gently on the check.

" you okay?" she asked

" yeah just thinking"

"about your aunt" he said looking down


he put his arm around me and I leaned my head on his shoulder. he kissed the top of my head.

" you know she's in a better place now." he said in his calm low voice that I loved

" I know" I said sighing

we sat there like that for a little while than I stood  up grabbed my plate Ezra stood up to grabbing my hand and we walked back to maias together. I washed of my plate and put it in the dishwasher.

" I am going to go home." I said turning to Ezra.

" okay " he said hugging me in his big strong arms.

It was the kind of hug that made you feel all safe and warm inside, like nothing could ever hurt you. he let go of my and I looked into kiss dark eyes. I kissed him surprising him holding him closer to me. it was the kiss that said I love you and your mine and always will be. I pulled away and he looked at me.

" what was that for?" he said ginning

" im just really lucky and I don't want to lose you."

" Raine you couldn't if you tried."  he said kissing me again.

" night" I said going outside

" night " he said

I went to the left side of the house where I put my motorcycle. I put my helmet on started it up and went home.


      When I got home I walked around in the house and looked around. I went into the kitchen put my keys on the counter and grabbed a root beer. It was times like this when I wish my Aunt was still here. I moved up here when I was fifteen when I started shifting. I moved in with my aunt but a year and a half later she died in a car accident. A drunk driver hit her from the side. I didn't want to go back home the reason I moved here is so I didn't have to be at home. I just didn't fit in there I felt left out of everything. So when my aunt died I didn't tell anyone so I wouldn't have to move back. She gave the house to me and I've lived here since I was sixteen. I was more mature than most of the people my age now so I was okay alone. Living alone wasn't the problem for me, the problem was that I missed her.

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