For My Eyes Only -Harry Styles

*warning contains sexual scenes and bad language*I woke up my heart pounding; sweat was pouring down my chest as I looked at the shadow before me. A pair of green eyes stared at me through the darkness. I opened my mouth to scream....
Charlie is a just another ordinary directioner, she has tickets for their next concert and everything seems perfect until a tragic event occurs leaving Harry dead. The rest of the boys and the whole one direction fandom are grief-stricken but none as much as Charlie. Every night since Harry's death she keeps having the same dream over and over again, that Harry's in her room standing there. When Charlie, finally talks to Harry she finds out she's the only one who can see and talk to him. But why is Charlie the only one who can see him? What makes her so special? And can love really over power death?
(First book)
Trust me the books better then the blurb


3. Chapter 3: Why be a psychiatrist ?


 Charlie's p.ov

"Night Faith," I called to my flatmate.

It was midinght and I was starting to feel awful. We'd just heard the horrible news about Harry dying and we were both upset and shocked. Even thought we're both 21 were massive one direction fans and we had tickets for their next tour. I could only imagine what the boys were going through right now.

"Night Char," Faith called shutting her bedroom door.

I sighed and slopped into my bedroom. The whole room reeked of dirty socks, Faith and I never bother with cleaning so our flats a mess. My parents would go mental if they saw this place, thank god they're in Canada.

I brushed my teeth, and changed into my pjs befre slipping into bed. I set my alarm for 6am before cuddling under the covers. I work as a psychiatrist which is were I help people, who "see" the dead or who are coping from mental issues. Some of the people I try and help, I feel bad for but some of them are just cychos. I mean some woman came to me saying she could hear strange noises in her head and it turned out she was listening to a radio, I'm not kidding!

I tried to realx and fall asleep but I couldn't block out Harry, I was so upset that he was really dead. I wonder if the boys could almost hear his voice i don't believe in ghosts but I definetly believe in hearing voices.



I woke up to a large thump. I sat up abruptly gasping for breath in front of me I could see a large shadow. I thought for a second it was Faith playing a trick on me, but it seemed to be a boy. I could just make out two green eyes staring throught the darkness.

I leaned over and switched on my bedside light. Now I could see the boy more clearly, I thought he was a burglar at first until I realised who it was. But it wasn't possible he was dead.

"Harry"! I whispered in fright.

He came towards me closer and closer, "I said this wouldn't be the end of me right Charlie"?

He reached his hand forward like he was about to snatch me. I screamed and switched the light back off before huddling under the covers. When I dared to look, Harry had dissapeared just like that. I lay under the covers my teeth chattering, did that really just happen?

I gave out another small shriek and Faith came flying into the room. Her blond hair in a mess, and her makeup smudged all over.

"Charlie why are you screaming"? She snapped yawning.

"I-I saw him".



Faith actually starting laughing when I said this, she thought it was funny that some one who treats people, who see the dead can see the dead herself.

"Maybe you better treat yourself Char," she giggled.

"But I really saw him," I whimpered cuddling myself into a ball.

"It was probably just a bad dream," she replied hugging me.

"I don't dream," I protested.

That part is true for some reason, I've never had a dream before. I remember at school when this teacher made us keep a dream journal for a week I handed mine in blank. She yelled at me for not doing the homework but I told her I didn't dream, and I never had done. She was pretty shocked by this and said it was unhuman.

By this point Faith had left the room and gone back to bed. I lay in the dark hugging my knees trying to picutre Harry in my head, was he just a vision or an actual ghost? I eventually fell asleep with the vision of Harry still fresh in my mind.

Louis p.o.v

It's been three days since Harry's died and I feel like I'm going mental. I kept having conversations with Harry outloud to myself. I'd sit in a chair and mutter on  for hours to him. The other boys were seriously freaked out  by  my behaviour and suggested I saw someone about it.

"You're going to lock me in an mental hospital then," I muttered when they suggested I spoke to some one about it.

"Of course not," soothed Niall "maybe you can just see some one about it".

"Then they'll lock me up in an mental hospital," I replied pointing out the obvious.

Eventually they decided to set me up, with some psychiatrist who will "help" with my issue. This was pointless anyway the psychiatrist will just think about stupid as well.

Nobody else will remember Harry like me, the funerals in a few weeks and I don't think I can bear to go. All I know is I'm the only person who knows that Harrys still here. Even if no one can see him.............


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