For My Eyes Only -Harry Styles

*warning contains sexual scenes and bad language*I woke up my heart pounding; sweat was pouring down my chest as I looked at the shadow before me. A pair of green eyes stared at me through the darkness. I opened my mouth to scream....
Charlie is a just another ordinary directioner, she has tickets for their next concert and everything seems perfect until a tragic event occurs leaving Harry dead. The rest of the boys and the whole one direction fandom are grief-stricken but none as much as Charlie. Every night since Harry's death she keeps having the same dream over and over again, that Harry's in her room standing there. When Charlie, finally talks to Harry she finds out she's the only one who can see and talk to him. But why is Charlie the only one who can see him? What makes her so special? And can love really over power death?
(First book)
Trust me the books better then the blurb


2. Chapter 2: Harry's gone?


 Unknown p.o.v

Police cars and am ambulance drove up to the scene of the accident. They looked at the destroyed car which was crashed halfway through  a brick wall. They'd be astounshed if there were any survivors. The switched on their torches and searched  for the three men in the car.

They found the driver, who was dead he'd had bloddy slashes up his chest. They found the second man who was the third boys body guard he was unbelivably still alive all though he didn't look to good. Finally their eyes rested on the last boy. He was lying sprawn out of the ice path not moving. One of the doctors checked his pulse, he was dead.

"Guess we better tell the rest of the boys bandmates," said a policemen.

Another policemen nodded before getting back into the car. To tell the rest of the boys what had happened.

Louis' p.o.v

"Louis, wheres Harry"? Niall moaned laying sprawled on the bed.

"I'll call him to see how far away he is," I replied.

 I grabbed my phone and locked myself in the bathroom. I was starting to feel a bit worried Harry said he'd be half and hour, it had already been an hour and there was no sign of him. I was a bit worried but knowing Harry he was probably just chatting to someone.

Just as I was about to ring him there was a knock at the door.

"Finally," I thought to myself as I unlocked the door and made my way over to the boys who were huddled by the door. I knew something wasn't right when there was a policeman standing there.

"I have some bad news for you," said the policeman.

A million and one thoughts raced into my head, was Harry hurt? Had he been arrested? Did he drown in fans? Actually I'm not sure the last one's possible but you never know.

"Harry styles is dead".

What! For a minute there I thought he just said Harry was dead. This had to be a trick, there was no way Harry could be dead, is there?

The policeman babbled on for ages about funeral arrangements and other stuff. But I still couldn't take it in no more Harry this couldn't be happening I had to be dreaming.

"No no no no," I muttered to myself.

"I'm afraid so," the policeman replied "we found his body along with the drivers around half an hour ago".

 It was all starting to sink in. Harry was gone forever no more larry stylinson, no more fun times. Just no more Harry why him why did he have to have his life taken away from him?

By this point I couldn't stop the tears pouring out. The rest of the boys were crying to but not as much as me.

"Why Harry," I muttered.

I started quietly until I was evenutally screaming the words. Zayn tried to get me to be quiet but I couldn't help it. I couldn't stop yelling like a 5 year old. In the end the policeman left  and the boys suggested  I go to bed.

I lay on my bed huddling my pillow feeling to scared to go and talk to the rest of the boys. I could hear the rest of them sobbing in the living room but I bet they didn't feel like I do.

Why did he have to die so suddenly? I didn't even get to say goodbye. I needed him here to tell me he was ok. Maybe he'd even crack a joke about him being dead. I'd never felt this sort of emotion before it was horrible.

It wasn't just me, how were we supposed to tell the rest of the fandom. I slipped out of bed and went on twitter. Before I even went of my account there was a forum called, #IsHarryreallydead. Great looks like someones been spreading the word.

I opened up my account to find, hundreds of tweets about the latest forum. The saddest thing about it was most people thought it was just a rumour, and it was total crap and of course he wasn't really dead. I took a deep breath before replying.


So guys I've seen the latest forum and it's true. Harry got killed in a car crash about two hours ago, I don't even know what to say me and the boys are so upset.

I hit post and about five seconds later I already had fifty replys.

@Directioner47 Wattt no how can Harry be dead I feel so bad for you and the boys Lou

@Alicestyles This is not really happening omg r.i.p Harry we'll never forget you.

"Louis," Zayn called coming into the room even in the dark I could see that his face was tear stained.

"Have you tweeted the fans"? He asked peering at the screen.

I nodded as a fresh batch of tears dripped down my face. Zayn hugged me tightly and whispered it was ok.

"So any way were going on breakfast news tomorrow to tell the world and the the radio and then-".

He burbled on and on his voice getting higher and higher. He was still crying but I felt angry, how dare mangment want us to do all theses things just after  Harry's died.

I need to be alone to think about Harry and about everthing about him. Not flapping around doing tv interviews.

"Zayn you can count me out of all that crap," I yelled.

"Look Lou I know you're sad bu-".

"Just piss off," I yelled.

Thats exactly what he did, he squeezed my shoulder before leaving me alone in the pitch black. I was awake for hours thinking about Harry and I eventually went to sleep hearing him "whispering" in my ear.

"You'll be ok without me Lou, just stay true to youself, and this won't be the last time you'll see me. The world better watch out".


Hey guys 5 likes for the next chapter please. Sorry I didn't update yesterday I went to the eden project and I had to get up at 6 plus it was 3 hours either way on the coach. God  it was tiring

ps if you've read the blurb Charlie will come in, in the next chapter





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