For My Eyes Only -Harry Styles

*warning contains sexual scenes and bad language*I woke up my heart pounding; sweat was pouring down my chest as I looked at the shadow before me. A pair of green eyes stared at me through the darkness. I opened my mouth to scream....
Charlie is a just another ordinary directioner, she has tickets for their next concert and everything seems perfect until a tragic event occurs leaving Harry dead. The rest of the boys and the whole one direction fandom are grief-stricken but none as much as Charlie. Every night since Harry's death she keeps having the same dream over and over again, that Harry's in her room standing there. When Charlie, finally talks to Harry she finds out she's the only one who can see and talk to him. But why is Charlie the only one who can see him? What makes her so special? And can love really over power death?
(First book)
Trust me the books better then the blurb


1. Chapter 1: Knocking on death's door


For My Eyes Only

Chapter 1: Knocking on deaths door

Harry's p.o.v

I blinked harshly as I stepped outside to the cold dark, city of London. It's a pretty spetcular city but when you've got 200 fans attacking and  you just want to get, to your hotel it's a bit hard to sight see.

The crowd of fans was growing by the second. They were all yelling and pushing each other just to get close to me. I really don't understand our fans so times, I mean I understand they want to meet us but why can't they act a bit calmer?

"Harry," Paul yelled over the yelling crowd "the cars waiting".

I nodded and started pushing my way through the endless crowd of fans. Well I wasn't the one who was doing the pushing the body guards where, but I was still having to shove a lot of people out of the way.

I eventually arrived at the car, I opened up the door and squeezed onto the back seat. I let out a huge sigh of relief as the driver started the car.

"That seemed pretty maniac," the driver laughed.

"Tell me about it," I replied getting out my phone.

I had two unread texts from Louis.

where are you pizza isn't going to eat itself?

Harry, Niall's dying from lack of food haha

Trust Niall to only think of his food. I replied saying I'd be about hallf an hour before staring out the window. A thick blur of snow was covering the windows, and  the car was crunching on the ice.

"Wow crazy weather," I gasped staring at the snow covering the whole car.

"It's pretty bad tonight," the driver remarked.

I sighed and leaned back in my seat we'd beem hit with this snow storm for a week now. It's the worst snow storm we've ever had in the uk. Before we left Paul told me, it was going to be a rough ride.


"Quick get it under control," Yelled a voice.

"I'm trying!"

I woke up to the sound of yelling voices, and the screeching of tyres. I felt the car turning in all directions.

"Paul what's happing"? I yelled grabbing hold of him.

"The cars skidding," The driver yelled wrestling with the steering wheel.

I peered out of my window, hoping to see something anything. Even though it was pitch black I could just make out a large wall in front of us, and we were getting closer and closer.

"Stop the car we're going to hit the wall," I screamed.

The driver desperatly pulled on the brake but nothing was happening. After that it all happened so quickly.


The car were straight into the wall. I gasped in pain, as I fell through the window and landed on the cold ground below me. I couldn't believe this was really happening, the car had just crashed.

I tried to lift my head off the pavement, but part of the bumper had ripped into my chest. I lay down on the cold slippery ice and closed my eyes.

They say before you die, you get a flashback. A flashback of your life. That's what I got, memorys of everthing that had happened to me. Flashes of my life appeared in my mind and then came the x factor. My first audition, meeting Louis geting put into one direction it was all there. It all ended with the car crash my life, was over before it barely begun.

As the everlasting darkness crept upon me, a few words from forever young played in my head.

Let us die young or let us live forever,
We don't have the power but we never say never,
Sitting in a sandpit,
Life is a short trip,
The music's for the sad man.

Forever young,
I wanna be
Forever young.
Do you really wanna live forever,
Forever young?

At that moment it all ended, my life was gone I was never coming back. Or was I?


So first chapter what do you think? Ok I understand it's all sad at the moment but it will be happy as well. Comment like and favourite. The next chapter will be out once I've got 5 likes








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