1D images :D

Ok #Directioners all I need is your hair colour your eyes colour
The boy (from 1D of course) and what you want to happen
I hope you like these images as much as I enjoy
Writing them!


2. for amber

"Amber" your boyfriend harry called from downstairs. "One second". You answered Tonight was prom night and you where going with your wonderful boyfriend harry You looked in the mirror one last time to check your long brown wavy hair and went downstairs. "Wow you look beautiful Amber", "thanks you don't look to bad yourself. You both got into harrys car and drove to The venue. When you two got there you seen your friends and went over to them. You could tell Harry wanted to say something to you because he always plays with his. Fingers when He does. ":harry do you need to say something?" ", no I don't why?" " Because your playing with your fingers when you need to say something. " No I don't!" He was the same all night. A few hours later "Amberb" Yeah I havr always loved you since I layed eyes on you I love you and I want you to be mine Forever so ummmm I was thinling will you marry me Of course I will harry I love you I love yoi too Hoipe you like it
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