Imagines (everyone)

Just imagines really:) request one maybe? Xx


3. Short Imagine 1: Liam Payne. (For Tessie)


You've been feeling down all week from your crappy GCSE results. You're not allowed to take them again, you accept this, rules are rules but you can't help feeling like you didn't do your best. You're lying on your bed thinking of all the scores you could've gotten if you'd have payed more attention in classes when Liam bursts through the door and shouts,

"Tessie! I've got you another chance at your GCSE's!" 

You scream and run into his arms and he spins you around. He puts you down and you share a long, passionate kiss. He runs his hands through your hair and kisses your forehead gently.

"Liam Payne. How the heck did you do it? I love you so much!" You exclaim hugging him once more.

"You just need a pretty face like mine. Actually, if that were the case, you could've done it yourself!" He says smugly. h

He winks and you melt inside. He hugs you again and then leaves his arm around you and leads you to the front room where he and you watch movies together and eat heaps of popcorn and kiss!


A/N: Hi Tessie! Hope you liked it! If anyone else likes this and wants one, please feel free to ask:) xxxx ~OurMoment1D

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