Imagines (everyone)

Just imagines really:) request one maybe? Xx


10. Long Imagine 2: Liam Payne (pt.4 For Tessie)


I ran down the empty halls of the high-school. Everyone was in class. I looked behind me as I ran until I bumped into someone. Liam. He crashed his lips into mine and grabbed my hips, moving his with mine. He pinned me against the wall and started to kiss my neck. He pulled away after a few kisses and led me into the unisex toilets. 

"I can do so much better than George..." Liam moaned as he picked me up and sat me on the back of the toilet. 

We kissed and kissed until we had to take a breath. Then Liam moved down to my neck, and started unbuttoning the first few buttons on my shirt. He kissed even more. I threw my head back. 
Then. The bell went.

"Shit." Liam cursed.

I quickly buttoned my top up and ran out of the toilets before Liam so no one would suspect a thing. 



A/N: sorry about the shorter chapter!

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