Imagines (everyone)

Just imagines really:) request one maybe? Xx


9. Long Imagine 2: Liam Payne (pt.3 For Tessie)


Liam chucked a piece of paper in the bin. I wonder what it says... I reached into the bin and saw the note. I read it. Zoe Hyland. What. A. Slut. How could Liam go out with her? Well, he clearly isn't anymore. I hate Zoe. I used to be best friends with her back in Kindegarten. Then she kissed a guy I like in 8th grade and I never forgave her. George Hawaii. I loved him with all my heart. Honest. Although, I did quite fancy Liam. Liam Payne. He's such a sweetie and people say he likes me but if he loved Zoe then he'd never love me. 

I went up to the library where I always am only to find Liam cowering in the corner. I went to foist next to him.


Tess came and sat next to me in the library. I wiped my tears away as she said,

"Hi Liam. I saw the note Zoe put on your locker. What a bitch. Why'd she do such a thing? Did you do anything to her?" She asked politely.

"No, that's just the point. She plays games and she always wins. Always. Wether it's competitive games or mind games." I said snivelling. 

"I know. I used to be her best friend up until she kissed George Hawaii in 8th grade. I really liked him. She knew it too." She said, tearing up slightly.

"She's outside snogging his face off right now." I said.

I closed my eyes, waiting for her reply. She didn't say anything. I looked over at her, she had her head brief between her knees. She was crying. She must still like George. But he's a dick! How could a girl as nice as her like him?


"I can't believe her." I said, crying.

Liam nodded. I shouldn't be crying, he should be. He's the one who's just been heartbroken. Although, I was just then. 

"Um... This is going to look so desperate but... Could I have your number? I've liked you for a long time Tess and I don't know, shall we go on a date?" Liam asked shyly.

I couldn't believe it! Liam Payne just asked ME out! He is really handsome and nice and sweet and any girl's dream. Wow.

I gave him my number and we walked out of the library together, only to be stopped by George Hawaii. 

"Hey! Tessie! How you doin'?" He said, swinging his arm around my shoulder and digging his face into my neck to kiss it.

"What are you doing?!" I asked, shocked.

I was surprised. This was George Hawaii guys. Hottest guy in the year. Apart from Liam. They're both joint first. 
He pinned me against the wall, kissing at my neck and leaving trails of kisses. Of course by this time, Liam had ran off already which left me unarmed. 
George let go and stopped kissing me. He planted a kiss on my cheek and walked away, winking before he turned. Wow. I slid down the wall, out of breath. How did that happen?

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