Imagines (everyone)

Just imagines really:) request one maybe? Xx


8. Long Imagine 2: Liam Payne (pt.2 For Tessie)

It was lunch and I couldn't find Zoe anywhere and people had been treating me differently ever since Zoe ha left the Library where I was doing my work.

I walked to my locker and saw a note and a tape stuck to it. I read the note. The 'i's' were dotted with hearts, it was Zoe.

"Dear my darling Li-Li! Haha! Your so silly. Now the whole school knows what you love about me. I only wanted you because you told me all of this. Thanks for playing my game loser, I win!    ~Zoeee xxxxx"

What a... My eyes welled up as I pressed the play button on the recorder. I heard my own voice telling Zoe what I loved about her. Then I heard a different voice. Hers.

"Awh Li-Li! Isn't he cute. Urgh, what a loser. That's what clingy guys do, girls. Take note..."

That voice. Angelic. How could it match such an evil girl?
I walked away from my locker, tearing down the piece of paper taped to it, along with the recorder and chucking it to the bin, almost hitting that Tess girl who was stood next to it on her phone. I ran outside to go and find my best friend, Zayn. But instead I was Zoe. Sat on George Hawaii's lap, snogging his face off. He saw me and smirked. I stuck my middle finger up and ran away to the library again. People were laughing at me this time. Mimicking my voice.

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