Imagines (everyone)

Just imagines really:) request one maybe? Xx


6. Long Imagine 1: Harry Styles. (Pt.4 LAST PART)

3 years later.

I stood inside waiting for the "go" signal. It seemed like forever but it finally came. I was marrying Harry. I remember the first day I met him. Costa Coffee. What a great job. I'm 23 and I met him 3 years ago. I can't believe how many years have gone buy. There was never a day I didn't love him, and now, we'll be together forever. I love him.

The bridal music started playing only it wasn't the usual one. It was Isn't She Lovely by Stevie Wonder. Both me and Harry loved it. We used to dance to it by the fire. I walked down the outside, red isle. Our wedding was on a beach. So many people came. Such a perfect day. Today. Wow. My long, simple, white dress flowed out from underneath me. 

I reached Harry. My palms were sweating. I was nervous. But why? I love Harry. He could tell I was nervous by my eyes. What a sweetie. The minister proceeded with the ceremony even though me and Harry were making silly faces at each-other and each stifling back laughs. 

"Do you, Harold Edward Styles take Phoebe Elizabeth Sharkey to be your lawfully wedded wife?" The minister asked.

"I... I... I do." Harry said, trying not to cry. 

"And do you, Phoebe Elizabeth Sharkey take Harold Edward Styles to be your lawfully wedded husband?" He asked again.

"I do. I do." I said half crying.

"You may now kiss the bride." 

Those were the words that changed my life for the better. Me and Harry were finally married. What a perfect setting, a perfect dress and of course, the perfect guy!


We were inside the wedding hall, Harry was about to give his speech. He got up from beside me and walked towards the stage.

"Phoebe Styles. What can I say? I remember the first day I met you. In Costa Coffee, you were working your butt off. Or not! Daydreaming more like," he blew a kiss at me, "I fell in love with you on the spot. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw you. Your hair, your eyes, your smile. And of course your ducky pyjamas! I can't think of a day where I didn't love you. I knew from the start I wanted to marry you. All I can say is Phoebe is that. I love you. I love you Phoebe Elizabeth Styles."

The perfect speech. 

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