Imagines (everyone)

Just imagines really:) request one maybe? Xx


5. Long Imagine 1: Harry Styles (pt.3)

I slept. And slept. And slept. I slept until 12:43 in the afternoon. The only reason I got to have a lie in was because it was Saturday. Thank GOD! I didn't feel like getting up until I smelt the eggs, bacon and waffles wafting up from downstairs. 
Harry didn't sleep in his own bed. He slept on the love seat downstairs. He was singing. Singing and cooking. What a talented guy. 

I got up, out of the bed and looked in the drawer Harry had put all my clothes in last night. I picked out a purple, oversized sweater and jeans and paired them with my converse. I walked to the bathroom with my straightening iron and straightened my long, black hair. I was half-cast. Italian-American, like the Kardashians or whatever they were. I put my make-up on, smokey eye as usual and walked downstairs.

"Morning beautiful. How's eggs and bacon for you? Wouldn't want to ruin those beautiful curves of yours." Harry smirked and winked. 

I nodded, smiling. He was sweet, but saucy. If you know what I mean. I stared at his cute little bum for a while until he caught me staring. He whirled around, strides towards me and grabbed me my the waist. His hands trailed down to... Well... Never mind. He kissed me passionately. His hands ran through my black locks. He was such a good kisser. 


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