Imagines (everyone)

Just imagines really:) request one maybe? Xx


4. Long Imagine 1: Harry Styles (pt.2)

Sleeping was peaceful. I'd had a long day of work as I deserved to sleep. My phone next to me, a cup of tea, blankets seeing as it was the end of September. All snuggled up. Lovely. 

'Hey I just met you... And this is crazy!' My phone went off.

I picked it up. The dialler ID said Harry. Harry? Oh! Harry! Took me a while to remember him. I didn't have a dialler ID picture for him which annoyed me. I like seeing his face. I stopped daydreaming... Again, and picked up his call.

"Hello?" He said in his husky, manly voice. 

"Hi! It's Phoebe." I said, wondering if he even remembered my name. 

"Would you like to come to mine? Like... A first date maybe...?" He said. Butterfly's filled my stomach.

"Um sure. I'll get in the car now and can you give me directions?" I asked, running downstairs and putting on my heels.

"Ok! Tell me when you're in the car." He said.

I was still wearing my burgundy, Costa Coffee uniform so I just put in my heels to match. The girls Costa Coffee uni was a slim, knee length dress, I thought it was pretty cute to be honest. 


"Turn left aaaaand it's the third door on the left!" Harry said.

I stood in front of his apartment door, I'm not sure if you can judge rooms by doors but... It looked big. I knocked and took a big step back. A few seconds past before he finally opened the door in front of me and stepped towards me. 

"Hey! You look cute. You didn't change when you got home?" He asked.

"No... I didn't have any time. Is that a problem?" I raised one of my eyebrows and leaned back slightly.

"Of course not, love. It's sweet." He said.

He took my hand and pulled me towards him. He flung his arms around and hugged me tight. He kissed my forehead, then my nose, then my lips. Oh, a romance eh?

He led me into his apartment. It was big. Really big. I stepped in and the first thing I saw was a hallway. A short one with a painting of a tree at the far end. To the left of the painting, a door. 

We walked through the door and I was facing the back of a red sofa. With 2 armchairs either side and a giant flat screen in the middle, on the wall. On the right wall, a door. 

That door led to the kitchen. A smaller room. An oven, a microwave, a table and a few cupboards and drawers. And then, on the opposite wall, stairs. I'm sure I'll tell you about the upstairs later... This apartment was big... 

"Would you like something to drink, love?" Harry said from behind me.

"Oh, yes please!" I said looking up at him.

"White wine spritzer or... Water..." He said ashamed of his drink choice.

"I see you don't have guests that often..." I said, smiling.

He poured me the white wine and we sat down in front room on the red love seat. I sat next to him, but I was tired after work. I yawned. He told me to put my was on his lap and sleep. I did. 

He was warm and comforting, he stroked my hair and played with it. He was sweet. I liked him. A lot. I drifted off to sleep, Harry still twirling my hair. Then he tapped me. 

"Yeah?" I said quietly.

"Are you staying here tonight? It's midnight." Harry said.

I nodded. He led me through the kitchen and up the steep stairs. When you get to the top of the stairs, there's a bit of flat ground as then two doors. One leading to the bathroom and one leading to the bedroom, which also leads to another bedroom. 

The left door lead to the bathroom. I went through that door and borrowed Harry's spare toothbrush. I brushed my teeth, washed my face and then... Realised I had no clothes. I put my underwear back on and popped my head out of the door and shouted Harry's name. 

"Yeah, love?" He replied.

"I have nothing to wear..." I said, shyly.

I heard him chuckle to himself. 

"How about you wait here and I'll drive to your house, just give me your phone." He said.

"Why?" I was confused...

"Because your phone will have your address saved." He said matter-of-factly. 

"Oh. Well give me your phone so you can text yourself on my phone when you get there." I said.

He took my phone and he gave his to me surprisingly. I thought heMd be more protective over it. He's just perfect.


Harry got back with I'm pretty sure the cutest clothes in my closet. All the clothes I loved and looked good in. And then... My pyjamas. My babiest pyjamas ever. Ducky pyjamas with blue buttons. He smiled when he was my reaction to them. 


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