Meeting our favorite people

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This is a One direction and Mindless Behavior fan fiction about 5 16 year old girl's take the risk at being kidnapped and getting to meet their favorite band but things start going down the rong path. But then anoter band comes in and tries to take over the girls!!!
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4. The first move

Abena's P.O.V

   Roc Royal came over to me and sat next to me. "hi." He said "Hi." "Um  I dont know what to talk about,so?" I was getting kind of nervous, so we just sat there and looked at eachother. Then he asked me a question that i thought would never be asked by a famous person in my life. He said "Do you want to go maybe yes or no , you can say no if you want I mean I dont care?" "Yes I would like to go out with you." He looked at me confused and before he could say anything I pushed my lips into his and it stayed like that for about 20mins. Then I felt his tongue trying to get through my lips so I let him through and our tongues fought against eachothers for a while. We got interupted by awws and OMG's.

    We looed at the people that were saying it and we hid our faces in embarssment. When they stopped Roc told me to come into the kitchen with him and from there on we did some things that I would never forget.(If you know what I mean?:))


    Harry and Princeton got up and went to the dinning room and whisper talked to eachother and made a bet with eachother. The bet was whoever asked me out first would get me and the loser would have to do everybody's laundry for a whole week. "Deal!" "Deal!" "And the bet starts now!" Princeton said as he came running over to me almost falling on his face. I loved the way his afro bounced when he ran it was so damn cute. Really you had to see it. "Sierra *Puff* would *Puff* you *Puff* like *Puff* to *Puff* go *Puff* out*Puff* with me?" He said out of breath. "Yes I would." "Ok good cause I am bout to pass out."

    Harry came steaming mad over to us. "Well there goes a chance of me going out with a pretty girl." "Sorry Harry I asked first HA! Now you got to do everybody's laundry for a week." I laughed as he walked away mad as ever.  

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