Meeting our favorite people

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This is a One direction and Mindless Behavior fan fiction about 5 16 year old girl's take the risk at being kidnapped and getting to meet their favorite band but things start going down the rong path. But then anoter band comes in and tries to take over the girls!!!
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1. The begining

Sierra's P.O.V

      Hi my name is Sierra aka CC. Im 16 years old. I have some friends who are obsessed with 1D. Yes I said it. 1D, one direction, 1 direction, the five boys in a boyband, the irish one and the four english ones. Yup thats who im talking about. Ok first I wasnt into 1D all that much but when i met my friend Adamari she just turned me onto them.

      All I heard was 1D this, 1D that 1D 1D 1D all day everyday. So heres what I did I looked them up and read some stories about them on this website called It started to get interesting so I started likeing 1D.

      Then when Adamari became friends with my best friend Shauna (I've known her for almost all my life !) she got her hooked on to them. Now all I hear from her is 1D this, 1D that,lets go see that 1D movie, 1D 1D 1D all day everyday.

      My friend Tori isnt really all that into them but she likes Zayn Malik. So one day we were all hanging out together watching telly, when a one direction commercial came on. Shauna and Adamari ran up to the telly and glued their eyes to it.

      "You guys are so weird" I said

        "Yes they are" said Tori

         When the commercial was over they sat back on the couch."Im hungry hungry!" "Me too." "Shauna go make us some poppycorn!" "NO!" "Why!" "Cause you have 2 legs that arnt broken! Get it yourself!" "Fine come on guys lets make us some poppycorn. Shauna gets none!!" "What!?" "Yup thats right " "Ugh whatever."

Shauna's P.O.V

         When they went into the kitchen the doorbell rang. It was Abena. "Hi Abena!!" I said it loud enough that CC, Tori,and Adamari came running into the loft. "Hi Abena!!" they said

           "Hi you guys." "Why you hear?" I said "What you mean why am I hear I am hear for some telly."

             "Whats that smell, it smells like burnt popcorn?!" I said that on purpose because they said I couldnt get any. They went running into the kitchen and took the popcorn out someone yelled out of the kitchen that it wasnt burnt. Abena went running into the kitchen "OOOH popcorn!!!!" "NOOOO Abena!!!" "BAM!!!" I went running into the kitchen and saw Abena on the floor laughing. "What happened?!" "Abena ran into the microwave." "OMG hahahahhaha!" I fell to the floor laughing. My stomach started to hurt. I got up and reached to get some popcorn and CC slaped my hand. "OW that hurt C!" "It was supposed to hurt I said u get no popcorn!"

              We all went into the loft and started watching tv.



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