Meeting our favorite people

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This is a One direction and Mindless Behavior fan fiction about 5 16 year old girl's take the risk at being kidnapped and getting to meet their favorite band but things start going down the rong path. But then anoter band comes in and tries to take over the girls!!!
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2. Shopping time

Sierra"s P.O.V

      When our show was over we decided that we would all go to the mall. So we all got in my bright blue hummer. "I call shot gun!!" said Shauna "Awww man!!" said Adamari. We were driving to the mall when a one direction song came on and it was The best song ever! We pulled up to a red light the car next to us was looking at us like we were crazy people. I rolled down my window since his window was open and we started staring at him and started singing loud. He just stared at us. Then the light changed and we drove off. When we got to the mall guess who was there!!?? One direction on one side and Mindless Behavior on the other side!!!! Me, Shauna, Tori, and Abena went running up to Mindless Behavior, and then Adamari went running up to One Direction. When we went up to Mindless Behavior they all started staring at us with awe. We stoped right infront of them and just stared at each other. Then we asked them to sign the back of our IPhone 5c cases. Then we just said bye and walked away.

                                                           MEAN WHILE

       Adamari is over there with One Direction bout to give them a BJ ( BJ means blow job for you guys that dont know and it means when a girl sucks a boys dick) so we went running towards them. All we did was say hi to them give them hugs and say good bye. We had to drag Adamari away from them. We went to footlocker and got some new shoes, then we went to JCPenny and bought us some new clothes and accesories. when we were in JCPenny I kept thinking that I saw the boys following us but I just thought I was seeing things.

Tori's P.O.V

         I cant belive we saw One Direction and Mindless Behavior in the mall today!!!!??? I was beside myself at that moment I wanted to just ugh! I saw that CC kept looking around when we were in the store. "CC why did you keep looking around when we were in the store?" "Cause I had the feeling that we were being followed." "Oh, well did you see anybody?" "No" "Oh."

         We all decided that we were going to leave after we got some suki hana. ( suki hana is like a chinese japanese kindof food at the mall.). We got our food but we didnt stay to eat cause I kept getting feeling that somebody was watching us. So we left and then "BAM!!" everything just went black I dont know what happened after that.

Abena's P.O.V

          Everything was black and all I remember is leaving the mall and that's all I remember. When I woke up we were all in a van, and my head was hurting really bad I went to feel it and there was a bump it was really big. I looked around and saw that the other girls were still knocked out. Then I noticed that we were in a van and somebody was driving it. "OMG" Damn did that come out!? Somebody familar came to the back of the van his face didnt register that fast but then I got it, it was ray ray from Mindless Behavior!!! But why was I in a van with him?

"Hey babe."

Was he talking to me when he said that?

"Umm Hey"

"Since the other girls arnt awake yet lets talk a little"

"Umm Ok."

"So whats your name?"


"Oh my name is Ray Ray, from Mindless Behavior."

"I know I love you. Oooppsss."

"No its okay mami"

Tori's P.O.V

        "What happened" I said as I rubbed my head. I heard somebody talking it sounded like Abena and ............... Ray Ray from Mindless Behavior!!!!!

           I shot up and screamed. Oh shit whoops. They both looked over at me and started to laugh. I felt embaressed when they started laughing at me. Then two more people came to the back of the van and guess who it was???!!!!! Zayn Malik and Roc Royal from One Direction and Mindless Behavior WTF is going on right now??!! "Hey cutie" said Zayne. "Hi sexy. I mean Zayn" "Lol, its okay" "Whats Your name?" "Tori." "That's a nice name" *Blush* "Thanks." "Welcome."

          The rest of the girls started to wake up but we were already at the what I think is their pent house. We all got out and went in and the girls and I sat on the couch. I turned on the TV and put the tellatubies on.






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