Meeting our favorite people

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This is a One direction and Mindless Behavior fan fiction about 5 16 year old girl's take the risk at being kidnapped and getting to meet their favorite band but things start going down the rong path. But then anoter band comes in and tries to take over the girls!!!
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3. Having feelings

Adamari's P.O.V

      We were in this pent house with 10 teenage boys who seemed horny to. I reconized all of them it was One Direction!, and Mindless Behavior. I loved One Direction I would date them anyday anytime anywhere. I got up and went running to them and I jumped in Niall's arms and then our eyes connected and we just stared into each others eyes for 2mins. Then someone broke the silence. It was CC "Awww look at those two! You know If they get together then I will own Niall right. Because I own Ada so I will own Nialler." They both looked at me like they were going to curse me out so I just sat back down on the couch.

      Niall put me down and we sat next to each other on the couch and watched telly.

Shauna's P.O.V

      I saw that Ray Ray was looking at me. My face started getting hot so I looked away. I started watching telly then Ray Ray came and sat next to me on the couch. "Hi." He said "H-Hi" I studdered. "Why you acting shy mami?" "Umm I dont know I just didnt ever think that I was going to meet you or any of the other boys in this room in my life. Ray Ray took my hand and put it in his lap. Well now you finally got the chance to meet us." He said that I can lay on his chest so I took the offer and I did it. The sound of his heart beat was so soothing that i almost fell alseep.

CC's P.O.V

      Princeton and Harry were both staring at me. I didnt pay any attention to them because if I did then I would make a big fool of myself. So I stayed quiet and watched telly. I heard them whispering,neither of them could whisper cause I could hear them both. They were planning to come sit next to me on either sides of me on the couch. They came running over to me like little 3 year olds and sat on either side of me. They both stared at me like they wanted some candy. I looked at both of them and started laughing. They looked at me like I was crazy.

       I got up and asked where the bathroom was and princeton told me and he said "damn girl you gotta big ass!!!" I ran to the bathroom and started laughing. I went pee and washed my hands then went back to the loft.

      Harry and Princeton both slaped my ass and then sat down and slaped both of them across the face, "We just met." "So we kidnapped you so we can do what every we want to so you cant say anything." "Whatever, and why did you guys kidnappe us?" "Because the first time we saw you guys at the mall we thought yall was sexy as fuck so we came up with a plan to kidnappe yall and bring yall to our pent house." "Well thats fucked up, right girls?!" "YEAH!"

Tori's P.O.V

       Zayn came over to me and we started to talk to eachother. "Hey we meet again." "Yup I guess we do." "Sooooo?" "How old are you?" "16." "Oh" "Yup" "Im 17" "We can hook up if you want to." "Yup we can" "So do you wanna go out?" OMFG did Zayn Malik just ask me out right infront of the rest of One Direction and Mindless Behavior and my friends? "Really your asking me out? I never thought you would ask me out in my life!" "So is that a yes or a no?" "Oh yes I would like to!" "Ok well thats over and done with."

      I heard all the girls and boys laughing and I felt them staring at me. I felt my cheecks getting warmer then I buried my head in Zayns chest. "Stop it guys she's embarrased!" they all stoped laughing and went on to what they were doing. Me and Zayn kept talking and getting to know eachother.

Authors's note

Hey guys just letting you know that this is my first movellas and i would like you to tell me what you think about my story.  Thanks for reading my story hope you like it.



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