Meeting our favorite people

Could you please leave me comments about this story???
This is a One direction and Mindless Behavior fan fiction about 5 16 year old girl's take the risk at being kidnapped and getting to meet their favorite band but things start going down the rong path. But then anoter band comes in and tries to take over the girls!!!
Please tell me what you think about my story


5. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

We all agreed that we would go to the movies. "What  are we going to see?" said Shauna. "Can we go see Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs?" said CC. "ok" everybody agreed.

                                                            On the way to the movies

Princeton's P.O.V

   I cant believe that Sierra is my girlfriend, I thought that she was going to say no. Well my life is made , because e she is the most beautiful girl that I ever met. We all got into separate cars.

Sierra and me: Hummer (blue)

Abena and Roc Royal: Cadillac

Shauna and Ray Ray: Convertible

Tori and Zayn: Hummer (red)

Adamari and Niall: Beemer

The rest of the boys went into their own cars.

Prodigy's P.O.V

  "This doesn't seem right?! I always get the girls!" I mumbled as Ray Ray walked passed. "Well this time you didn't , maybe the right girl for you will come soon." "Yeah well I hope cause I am getting kind of lonely."

End of Prodigy's P.O.V

      We all got into the cars and drove to the movies. we almost got lost I don't know how.

Sierra's P.O.V

  A Mindless Behavior song came on it was "Hello"

I started singing it:

"Hello, Hello, Hello

When I first saw ya, all I could say OMG, how do I make her my baby? plenty of girls want me but you aint the same run it back, handle that, bring my A-game, everybody knows the way to a girls heart is what you say so what you say about you talking on another level? If you like what you hear then can you holla back......" "Dang little mama you can sing!" "Thanks" "Welcome"


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