Traveling together

Above wonderland is a band of 5 girls that is trying to make it in the music business. They end up opening for one direction on their up all night tour.
Will they fall in love or hate each other? Are the boys gonna find out the girls have some shocking secrets or not?


6. Smoking

Zayn pov

"Give it up for Above wonderland" I shouted as Me and the boys ran on stage.
I have to admit they were actually pretty good. 
The fans screamed louder. Smiles were plastered on the girls faces as they starred at us from the other side of the stage.
"Thank you." A girl with Blue hair shouted.
They girls left the stage and we sung 'What makes you beautiful' and 'gotta be you' Before we left the stage. I walked over to the girls who were sat on stools. 
"You were great" Niall said.
"Thank you" A blonde hair girl said.
"no problem" Niall replied.
"Heyyy" Louis shouted as he bounced over to us with a bottle of water in his hand.
"Hi Louis" A girl with bright red hair said. 
They all look the same age as us maybe older. None of the could have been under 15. They were all beautiful and amazingly talented.
I snapped out of my thoughts when I heard someone say my name.
"So thats us. you probably knew that but who are you guys." Liam asked.
Oh he was introducing us.
"Well I am Amy. I am 15" The girl with blue hair said. 
"I am Alice. I'm 15 too" A girl with black hair said holding her hand out. We all shook  her hand and smiled.
"I'm Diamond. I am 15."  The with dark brown hair, wearing a lovely pink dress, said.
"Chloe. 16" A girl with blonde hair said. I think she is wearing the shortest dress. Straight away I could tell she was a little slutty.
"Oh this is Gabriela.  14" Amy said pointing to the girl with bright red hair that sat next to her.
"Is your birthday this year?"  Harry asked running his hand through his thick curls.
"My birthday was 2 months ago." Gabriela replied.
"God fucking hell you are young" Niall said.
"Niall !!!!" Louis said poking him.

*Niall's pov*

I started at the young girl who sat before me. She was beautiful. I knew I could never have her but I wanted her, even though I had just meet her. 
The girls got up and left to change and we ran back out to the stage.
"heyy guys" I shouted into my microphone.
We sang one thing and then answered a few questions that people tweeted us. one said 
'Do you like Above wonderland #onedirection.'
"Yeah" I shouted.
"yup. They are amazing." Liam said.
"Sure" Harry said.
"Yes" Louis yelled.
"They are great." Zayn shouted.
We said goodbye and walked off the stage. I was drinking a bottle of water when I crashed to the floor. The water spilled over my clothes and the floor. I pushed myself up off the floor and saw Alice laying on the floor.
"Watch it." She complained.
"Sorry." I said and helped her up. 
The boys hadn't noticed ad carried on. I was stood behind them anyway.
"Ok" Alice said. She walked back into her dressing room and I hurried to mine.
"What took you so long Horan" Zayn shouted as I opened the door.
"I tripped." I said 
"Did you drop your water too?" Louis Laughed.
I just nodded and walked into a changing room and the back. I changed into some black baggy jeans and a top that said 'free hugs' I walked out and grabbed my blue snap back and placed it on my head.

*Alice's pov*
I always imagined meeting the boys of one direction but I never thought it would be this great. I loved the boys but I knew they would never like a fan girl so I had to hid it. I walked into the dressing room after Niall had nocked me over.  we decided we would not change for a bit and that we might go to  a club.
"Where shall we go though?" i asked.
"We could just stay here or go with he boys." Amy said.
"Amy stop trying to be a flirt you have a boyfriend" I joked
"Not really" Amy replied. 
"What happened" Diamond asked.
"We just had a fight about me being in the band and traveling"  Amy said smiling.
"why are you smiling?" Gabby asked.
"Because I might get to date one of the boys" She screamed excitedly.
"So lets go somewhere." Chloe said.
"I wanna go out to a club." I said.
"Yeah it should be fun." Louis said from the doorway.
"Not nice earwig" Amy said playfully.
He laughed a little and then walked into the room. 
"Why do you guys wanna go to a club you are too young" Louis asked.
"That is why it is fun." I said walking over to him.
"You girls are badass then" Louis said.
"Call us what ya want." Chloe said.
"LOUIS!!!!!" Liam shouted from down the hall.
Louis walked out the room without even saying anything. 
I kicked the door closed when he left.
"What shall we do?" I asked once more.
"I am gonna go see some of the fans for about an hour that should bring us to about 10 is then I am gonna try and get home." gabby said.
"Okay lets go with that plan." I said.
"You just wanna go outside to have a fag" Diamond stated.
"That could not be more.......... true" I said as we walked out I grabbed my clutch bag that I brought with me.

We walked out the back door and were crowded by about a thousand people.
"Look it is Above wonderland" A girl screamed. 
We had quite a few fans because we posted stuff on youtube and I tweeted we would be here last week so a few fans turned up I guess.
Cameras were shoved in our faces while people asked to have autographs. 
I guess people did like us more than I thought yay.
"This is awesome" Gabby whispered to me.
"I know" I replied.
I signed a lot of stuff and took some pictures with people. I actually took a few pictures on my phone a promised to tweet some.
One girl walked up to me and screamed "Hey Alice. You are my favourite. Omg I love you so much. How are your parents? How are you?"
"Thank you. Well I don't know about my dad. He doesn't wanna know me and I am awesome. I mean look at these people that turned up to see us." I replied. I hugged her and then walked off.
I walked around the corner and light a fag. I wasn't looking and I bumped into someone.
"sorry." I said taking a drag.
"It is fine" A familiar voice said. It was Zayn. I was still starstruck.
"You smoke?" Zayn asked surpised.
"umm.......No" I said taking another drag. 
Zayn started laughing. 
"Okay."I said. It suddenly became awkward as the only noise was screaming fans. 
"This is amazing isn't it?" Zayn said.
"Yeah. DO you ever get used to it? I mean since you have already done half your tour." I asked.
"No. It still shocks me that this many people turn up to see me and my best friends." Zayn replied.
"Wow" Was all I managed to spit out. 
Zayn threw his fag to the floor and stood on it. 
"How is life going then?" I asked zayn.
"Good. Well better than good. perfect" I said taking yet another drag.
"Well maybe you can come back to our flat or we can go out to dinner? You know to celebrate" Zayn asked.
"Yeah that would be awesome." I replied quickly.
I threw my fag to the floor and me and Zayn walked back to our fans. We caught up with our friends and told them the idea.
"Yeah that is great." The girls said.
"Ok that is fine with us" The boys said. We left for a restaurant . We had no idea where we were going but the boys said a nice place.

*Gabby's pov*

I love Niall so much. He will never love someone as young as me. 
As we approached the restaurant I let everyone enter first. 
"I have to make a quick call." I said to Chloe.
"Ok be quick. I will be you a coke and then you better be back to order food." She laughed.
"Ok" I laughed in reply.
  I walked around the corner and pulled a pack of fags out my bra. I pulled a lighter out of the little box. I light a fag and took a drag. I stuffed the box back in my bra and crouched down. I pulled my phone out and saw a message from Chloe 'hurry up' 
I ignored the message and took another drag. I thought about my situation. I am 14. I have bright red dyed hair. I get pissed(drunk) mot nights. I live with just my brother. I am touring with one direction and I smoke. Most of that is awesome. Most people dream of having no parents to boss them around but it gets lonely.i mean yeah you have your friends but you have to figure stuff out yourself. no parents to teach you how to cook or take you shopping. No one to help you with your homework. 
"What are you doing?" I heard Diamond's voice. My head shot up.
"Nothing." I said.
I tried to hid the fact that I was smoking.
"Gabriela  You are 14. Don't smoke." Diamond said sternly.
She was the closest thing to a mother I had ever had.  
"Sorry" Is all I could spit out.
"No. Put that out now and get your self in there. If I ever catch you doing this again. I will stop you touring." She yelled. 
I knew the last part was hard for her to say but she meant it. 
I didn't say another word and just started walking in the restaurant. 
"Wait. Give me the fags" Diamond ordered.
I puled the box out of my bra and placed it in her hand. She opened the box and looked inside
'They were Alice's she lost this lighter and this box of fags last week. " Diamond shouted at me.
'Sorry I guess" I stuttered.
"No don't start stealing and smoking you stop this now or you will stop this tour." Diamond yelled.
I w walked into the restaurant and sat down with the others.

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