Traveling together

Above wonderland is a band of 5 girls that is trying to make it in the music business. They end up opening for one direction on their up all night tour.
Will they fall in love or hate each other? Are the boys gonna find out the girls have some shocking secrets or not?


4. Preforming

*6 days later*

*Alice's pov*

I walked over to my wardrobe and swung the doors open. NOTHING. I had nothing to wear today. I mean I have nothing I want to wear. I grabbed my phone off the desk.
I pulled up my watsapp chats and went to a group chat with:
Amy- Am

M- What are ya guys wearing todays xx
G- Causal stuff with some cute heels for later xx
Am- Can't believe we are gonna meet one direction and tour with them.
D- It is gonna be awesome guys
C- It is too early to chat
D- It is 8:15am 
Am- It is tuesday as well
M- I am skipping
G- Same 
C- I think we all are
 D- Good
M- Wanna see a movie today
G- Yeah i am up for it
Am- Yeah
C- Yup 

I chucked my phone on my bed and changed into
I walked downstairs and ignored my family. I jumped on the sofa and sent my little sister breakfast flying. Sh started screaming and crying. My mum ran into the room and saw the bowl of cereal on the floor.
"Alice What the hell?" My mum yelled at me.
"I didn't mean to." I said hiding my smirk.
"Yeah course just like everything else you do" My mum yelled.
"Oh shut the fuck up. If you don't like me you know where dad is." I screamed.
"Don't talk like that to me" My mum shouted back.
"Whatever. I am leaving tomorrow anyway." I said walking towards the door.
"Not if you keep behaving like this." My mum said.
'What the fuck. I love music you can't take it away from me that is like taking your Jess and John away from you" I yelled.
"That is it you are not leaving tomorrow. You can tell your friends you are not going." My mum yelled. 
"I am fucking leaving no matter what you say." I screamed at my mum.
I ran up stairs and pushed my bed against my bedroom door. I pulled a suitcase out my from my wardrobe and chucked most of my clothes, shoes and make-up in it. I pulled a notebook out my school bag and wrote 'see ya later' on it and left it on my bed. I tied a piece of rope around the handle of my pink spotted suitcase, I had the rope in my desk because I just do alright. I lowered my suitcase to the floor and the dropped the rope. I snatched my phone off my make-up table and slid it into my pocket. 
Once I was out of my house I untied the rope and dragged my suitcase to a near by alleyway. I sat on the suitcase and pulled my phone out.
I flicked through my contacts a picked Diamond.
*Ring ring*
I waited for her to pick up the phone. 
"Hello?" Her comforting voice said.
"Diamond. I need you help" I stated.
"What have you done and where are you?" She asked.
"I am in the alleyway round the corner from my house" I said. I was literally around the corner from my house, well I had to walk about 1 minute.
"Ok. What happened though?" Diamond questioned.
"Me and my mum got in a fight." I replied.
"Again?" Diamond said sighing. 
""Yeah I will explain later but she won't let me tour" I stated.
"What? You are coming to mine and can get ready there." Diamond said quickly.
"Thank you so much. I will love you forever." I sang and hung up the phone.
I checked the time and it read 9:25am

*Gabby's pov*
I walked downstairs and ate the toast. I was already dressed so i just left. I didn't say a word no one would listen. 
I wondered around the streets for a bit by myself until I ended up back home.
 I jumped up the stairs and decided to start packing for the tour. I packed all my clothes, make up, shoes and bags. Once I had done that I pushed my plain purple suitcase down he stairs and chased it. I leaned it against the door and randomly laid on the floor. I had nothing to do. 
I text the others asking to meet with our stuff. And they replied with yeah. For some reason we were going to some alleyway. 
I pushed myself off the floor and dragged my suitcase out of the door.

*Chloe's pov* 

I  yanked my full suitcase out of my front door and down the stairs to the gate. My parents had left and thought I had left for school like 2 hours ago. I wanted to meet at the park as usual but no we had to go to some skanky alleyway and ruin my outfit.
If this outfit gets ruined someone is buying me a new one. I hurried to the alley trying to get there without being seen. 
I was looking at my phone when I bumped into someone.
"Watch it ......" I looked up and stopped it was Gabby.
"Heyy." Gabby said.
"Lets go. I don't wanna been seen in a alley." I said quickly and we carried in walking together.

*Diamond's pov*
I arrived at alley and saw Alice sat at the back, almost out of site, crying. I hurried to her and hugged i placed my ,black with pink spots, suitcase on the floor and sat on it. 
"What happened?" I asked. 
Alice explained the whole thing to me and repeated every word of the conversation they had.
I hugged her " you are going anyway" I said.

*Amy's pov*
I finished packing my, zebra print, suitcase and quickly and quietly left my house. My parents were still home but thought I had left for school. I hurried out of sight and walked calmly the rest of the way. Something was wrong and I bet it was Alice. We only ever change our meeting place if something is wrong because our parents know where the park is and know we always go there. I walked quickly to the meeting point and saw Alice crying and Diamond comforting her.
"What happened?" I asked making them jump.
"We will explain when the others get here." Diamond said.
"Ok" I replied. 

*Chloe's pov*
I stepped down the dirty alley and towards the rest of my friends we were all now sat on our suitcases. 
"So what's the deal?" I asked clapping my hands together and then pulling my dress down a little.
"I am not allowed to do the tour." Alice stated. 
We all started complaining and moaning.
" I will hurt your mum unless you go." Gabby said. Even though she was the smallest she was the strongest and could easily take Alice's mum down. 
"I am still going" Alice laughed. 
"What time shall we go to the show?" Amy asked.
"I don't know but I don't wanna carry my case around for the rest of the day" I complained
"Take our suitcases with us and practice in the field near the park." Diamond said
" she has a point it is a big show." Gabby said.
" okay" I said giving in.
We struggled to the field with our cases and decided that we should sing a song I wrote. 
(Icona pop- Girlfriend)* if you haven't heard it listen to it and google the lyrics because I know you guys don't read them comment if you want them put in*

"All I need in this life of sin is me and my girlfriend
Down to ride till the happy end, is me and my girlfriend" Gabby sung. 
" that was great girls."  Alice said grinning. 
I swung my arms around her neck and engulfed her in a hug. The others joined in a quickly became a group hug.
We practiced a few more times then headed off to the venue. It was already 5pm. We were extremely happy. We couldn't even describe the feeling. All we knew was we couldn't wipe the stupid grins off our faces. We were gonna meet one direction.

*Alice's pov*
We all came to a sudden stop. 
"We have no idea where we are going." I said.
"I do. I tried to get tickets for it." Chloe said proudly.
We all followed Chloe to the venue. Wow Chloe knew something I didn't. Lets just put it this way it is a good job she is pretty and talented.
 We arrived at the venue and my mouth dropped. The HMV Hammersmith Apollo was amazing. We walked around to he back where the other acts entered.

"Why are you guys here?" A slim man with blonde hair asked. I think he was security.
"We are the opening band." Diamond replied.
 "Above Wonderland?" The man asked.
"Yes that is us." I screamed.
"This way please." He said opening the door.
"We all followed him in. 
"Oh My Fucking God. We are about to meet one direction." I whispered to Gabby.
"I know this is so fucking great." Gabby replied
"Language you are 14" Diamond said from in front of us.
Chloe was stood at the front, practically in front of the security.
"Hey Chloe slow down. There is not a sale on." Amy called from behind. She was right at the back on her Black Iphone texting her boyfriend.
"No But it is fucking one direction." Chloe yelled.
I heard a door open behind us and I span around. It was Niall fucking Horan. 
"We heard a scream and our name?" Niall said confused.
We all just stood there star struck but I broke out of it.
"Yeah we just  got told we are opening for you on a tour. This will be great for our careers" I stated calmly.
"I guess it will be" Niall said closing the door. 
"What the hell Alice" Chloe screamed.
"Shut up and we need to keep calm." Diamond said.
" Yup. we do. Now where is our dressing room?" Amy said
"This way." The blonde man said snapping us out of our conversation. 
"Ok" Gabby said.
We carried on following him and we ended up at a pale brown door. The man left us alone but reminded us we only had 1 hour to get ready. We had no dance routine planned we only had a song. I guess we would wing it.
I pulled out my phone and clicked on twitter.
'Can't believe we are opening for One direction.The HMV Hammersmith Apollo is amazing! :p This is gonna be great #onedirection ' I tweeted.
I reached for the golden door handle and flung the door open. The dressing room was small. It had a white make-up table with 4  white stools, with red pillow , pulled up near it, a Sofa and some chairs and a T.V that showed what was happening on the stage. 
"This place is yuk" Chloe complained.
"Get over it." I snapped.
"This is amazing we are officially touring." Gabby said.
"I know" I wish we could live the moment forever." Amy said.
*Knock knock*
I sighed and walked over to the door and opened it. A bunch of people with cameras were stood there taking pictures.
'Who was it?" Diamond asked.
"I kinda tweeted we were here and know people are at the door and yeah..." I trailed off.
"Just ignore them." Amy said.
"Ok time to get changed." I said flipping open my suitcase.
Chloe had told us she thinks it would be a good idea to wear a dress. this is what we came out wearing.
Me (Alice) -

Gabby changed last but as soon as I saw her I was stunned.

*Diamonds pov*
"No Gabby No. Change that thing just covers your ass" I stated.
"Oh well" Gabby said spinning round. She liked to act like us and dress like us. She is the youngest and we have to look out for her. 
"Gabby You can't dress like that. your brother will kill us" I said. 
I felt bad because we were all dressed in really short dresses.
"He probably won't watch." Gabby said carefully sitting down on the sofa.
"Your parents will" Alice said sitting next to her.
"No they wont" gabby said. Tears filled her eyes but she blinked them away quickly. She acted as old as us sometimes older. She should be out with her friends and enjoying herself not dressing like a hooker.
"They might." Amy said.

*Gabby's pov*
My parents and my brother isn't not gonna see me. 
"My parents......" I trailed off not wanting to say the truth about the adults I used to live with.
The girls just starred at me and waited for me to finish.
 "When I came home from school one day me and my brother realised our parents were not home. We tried to call them but they had changed their numbers. They left us all alone. We were too scared of getting split up so we never told anyone. Now even my brother is drifting away from me." I said tears falling from my eyes and dripping onto the black dress. 
"Baby girl. We are here for you and we are going on tour so we won't have to be near adults." Chloe laughed hugging me. She could always bring a smile to my face.
"Gabby. We are here for you and we will never let you go." Amy said.
"We love you babes" Diamond said. They hug became a group hug.
"your parents are Twats." Alice sated.
We all burst into laughter and Alice walked over to her suitcase. She pulled out a dress and shoes and handed them to me.
"Here wear these. You don't need all this" Alice said gesturing to what I was wearing.
"Thank you" I whispered.
I took the clothes of her and changed. I was now wearing this-
I walked out and removed my smudged make up and re done it.
"That's more like it" Diamond said.
"I would pick you up and spin you around but this is a designer Dress and I love these shoes." Chloe said throwing her arms around my neck and pulling me into a tight hug.
"5 minutes" A man shouted through the door. The camera people must have left.
We all Quickly walked out of the room. We stood in the huge corridor wondering what way to go. We heard a lot of screaming and decided to follow it. After a while of walking we found the stage. 
"You ready?" Alice whispered looking at me.
"Yeah I am fab" I replied
Some women walked up to us and fitted microphones around our heads and then pushed us onto the stage.
The screaming got louder when we appeared. I m 14. This is amazing for anyone but for me this is better than amazing. I have screaming fans at 14. Most of them were here for one direction but I wanted to think they were here for me and the girls.

"Hi We are above Wonderland" Alice screamed.
A few people screamed.
I looked at diamond who started singing.
(Icona pop- Girlfriend)

"All I need in this life of sin is me and my girlfriend
Down to ride till the happy end, is me and my girlfriend" Diamond sung.

Amy- Where would you be, be without me
We'll never find out
What would I do, do without you
We'll never know now

Me(Gabby)-Talking bout the lights, the dirt, the sh-t, that hurts
We're not gonna turn around
We're doing this for good, for worse
The gift, the curse, we're not gonna back down

All- All I need in this life of sin is me and my girlfriend
Down to ride till the happy end, is me and my girlfriend
All I need in this life of sin is me and my girlfriend
Down to ride till the happy end, is me and my girlfriend

"Chloe- I wanna feel the sun, the waves, the wind in my face
The speed, the chase, na na na
I wanna feel the sun, the waves, just wanna cross the states, making up as we go
That's how's gon' be, young wild and free
Not gonna slow down
Up to the max, until we crush, we're not gonna stop now

All-All I need in this life of sin is me and my girlfriend
Down to ride till the happy end, is me and my girlfriend

Na na na, na na na
Na na na, na na na

Alice-All I need in this life of sin is me and my girlfriend
Down to ride till the happy end, is me and my girlfriend

We did ing it and we danced around the stage. Well a much as you can when you are wearing 6 inch heels.

The crowd cheered as we finished. 

"Give it up for Above wonderland" Zayn shouted as the boys ran on stage.






















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