Traveling together

Above wonderland is a band of 5 girls that is trying to make it in the music business. They end up opening for one direction on their up all night tour.
Will they fall in love or hate each other? Are the boys gonna find out the girls have some shocking secrets or not?


3. One direction

Niall's pov*

*Hey how ya doin'*
My phone rung. I dropped the x-box controller and walked off leaving Louis to play by himself.
I looked at the caller ID and saw it was Simon.
"Hi" I answered.
"Hi. Niall I need you to tell the boys something now." Simon said. It sounded serious.
"Ok I will what is it?" I asked.
"I wanted to tell you this in person but I am really busy. I have another band that Might be able to open for you on your tour." Simon stated.
"That is great. But what about the other band?" I asked confused.
"I will drop them and give them and t.v show or something. I don't really know but I will do something okay" Simon said hanging up the phone. 
Great now we got a new band to open for us. They better not be better than us.
"Guys get here now" I yelled smiling my usual smile.
"What?" Harry asked walking into the living room. 
We were living in a Flat at the minute just for this week until we leave for the tour.
"We have a new band that will open for us on our tour." I said walking to the kitchen that was in the living room. The living room and kitchen were in the same room.
"Who are they?" Liam shouted.
"Are they girls?" Harry asked.
"Are they better than us?" Zayn asked.
"I don't know. Simon just said that we have a new band that will open for us. They have a bus that will follow us." I answered.
I Made myself a hot chocolate and we all sat down to watch a film. 
"What film then?" Zayn asked.
"Toy story please." Liam replied a bit to quickly.
"Ok" Louis replied. 
Liam jumped off the sofa and chucked the dvd in the T.V meanwhile I had jumped on his seat and was already comfy.
Liam and Zayn sat on the floor while me and Louis shared the 3 seater sofa and harry sat on a single chair.
We watched films all night only talking to each other when we wanted food. I am pretty sure that we all were thinking what the band was like.
Half way through the 5th movie My eyes started feeling heavier. I looked around the dark room that was only light up by the T.V. The others were already asleep so I decided to  let my eyes win the battle and I drifted off to sleep. I quickly snapped my eyes back open and checked the time it was 2am so I let my eyes close once more.

*Gabby's pov*

I Rolled out of bed and hit the hard floor. I pulled myself off the floor and flopped on my bed. My head was killing. I turned my head and looked at the time. CRAP. It was 8am. I jumped up and walked to my wardrobe, pulled out my uniform another top. I pulled the first top other the my head and the put the white school blouse on. I Slid my black pencil skirt on. I placed my black high heels on. 
I crawled to the bathroom and grab some painkillers. I Swallowed them dry.
"Good morning" My brother shouted from down the hall.
"Hi" I said. My head was throbbing and his shouting was not making it better.
"You better not be wearing that to school." My brother said starring at my heels.
"Don't like me wearing them then don't buy them for me." I said back.
"I said no to you buying and then you stole the money out of my wallet and binned the receipt. So we couldn't return them." I said.
"Whatever." I stumbled back into my room and drew a thin but noticeable black line above my eye, with liquid eyeliner.  I grabbed my school bag and emptied it onto my bed. I chucked my purse and make-up in my bag. I stepped quietly into my brothers room and crawled over to a cabinet near his bed. I slowly opened the door and snatched a bottle of brother strawberry cider. I tossed it my bag and walked out. 
"I am off to school now." I yelled as I walked out the door.
I checked my IPhone and it read 8:25am I had to be at school in 25 minutes and it was a 20 minute walk but it was only a 10 minute walk to the park.
I was meant to be meeting the others at the park we went to last night. As I walked down the road to the park I listened to every car that went past. The noises seemed louder than usual and my head really did kill.

Alice's pov*

"Shut up mum" I Yelled at my mum.
"You are not going to school looking like that." My mum shouted in disgust.
"What is wrong with it?" I snapped.
I was wearing a short black pencil skirt that went about 3 inch below my ass, a blouse that showed my neon pick bra and 6 inch black heels.
"You look like a slut." My mum shouted 
"Maybe I am" I screamed back. I spun around and walked out the door down to the park. 
"Get back her and change now" My mum yelled from the door.
My only response was sticking my middle finger up.
 I hurried up the road and round the corner.

Amy's pov*

"Maisy, Kevin I am leaving for school." I shouted as I picked my bag up off my bed.
"Whore" Ben shouted as I walked past his room.
"Shove it little kid." I screamed at him.
I was wearing a black pencil skirt with a with blouse and black converse. I had another top and 5 inch heels hidden in my bag. 
I Walked out the door and ran outside. I ran as fast as I could because I lived 25 minutes away from the park.

*Chloe's pov*

I walked out of my room and bumped into my mum.
"NO NO NO, You are not wearing that." My mum said.
"WOW You are not wearing that to school." My Dad said.
I was wearing this
"Why not it is white at the top and black at the bottom. I am even wearing black shoes" I said.
"Ok but If you get yelled at then you are grounded for a week and that means no band." My dad said.
I walked out the house and turned round the corner. I lived next to the park well round the corner. I lived the closest.

I arrived at the park and saw Gabby walking over to me. It was a windy day but the sun was out, the city still seemed grey though. 

Diamond's pov*

I got up and dressed
I wore that. I didn't even try to hid the fact that i was skipping school because I knew my parents weren't home. They always left for work at 5/6am ish. 
I grabbed my black clutch bag and headed out the door. 
I looked the house up and walked to the park.

I arrived at the park and saw that Gabby and Chloe were there. I sat down with them on the climbing frame. We watched as Amy and Alice arrived together. 
"Come one you two" Gabby shouted.
"Slut much" Amy shouted at Chloe.
"Just because I can" Chloe yelled back.
"We gotta be quick and catch the train." Alice said. 
"wait" Gabby and Amy shouted together.
"They put their bags on the climbing frame and Amy pulled out a top and some heels and Gabby undone her blouse to reveal another white top. Gabby was wearing this
Amy was wearing this

Once they had don we hurried to the train stop but we were to late the train had just left. 

*Chloe's pov* 

The train had just left. We were to late. SHIT. Now we have to walk. 
"We have to walk now" Gabby said pouting.
"Lets get a cab." Alice said.
"Have we got enough money?" Amy asked.
"Yeah probably" I said.
"I can get us a discount." I said. I knew boys liked me and I could get what I wanted if I tried.
"Ok." Diamond said winking at me.
"What do you mean?" Gabby said not getting it.
"She is gonna show her boobs to him silly." Alice teased
We walked out of the train station and to the side of the road. We Waited for a cab to pass.
"Hey beautiful's how much for a night?" A guy said stopping his car.
"We are not hookers." I shouted.
"Do one" Gabby screamed at the top of her lungs. 
"Oh leave them five. I know them. They rule the school basically." A boy said poking his head out the window starring at us.
"Yeah we do bitch" Alice said and Amy clicked her fingers.
Right then a cab drove past and Chloe whistled for it to stop and it pulled to a stop. 
"How much to take us to Shaftesbury avenue?" I asked Leaning in his window so that he could see my cleavage.
"For you lovely ladies.......... £25 pound." He said looking straight past me and at the girls.
"Good." I said pulling the money out my bra and handing it to him.
"Come on girls" We jumped in the cab and he drove us to star bucks. Gabby decided it would be fun to open the sun roof all the way and stand up and practically sit on the roof.
She got down when Amy pulled her leg. 


"Thank you for that." I said as we jumped out the car. We were all buzzing. We were just about to meet Simon. SIMON COWELL. 
We calmly walked inside the star bucks and sat at a table.

*Amy's pov*

Came back from the counter with 5 strawberries and cream frappuccino blended cremes. I sat down and took a sip. we sat there talking about what band it might be and then someone came and sat next to us.
"Hi" He said. I knew it was simon.
'Hi" We all said together.
"So I have chose you........." We cut him off.
"YES!! Thank you so much." Me and Alice screamed together. 
People starred at us weirdly. 
"yes you will be leaving next week but your first show will be the night before you leave." Simon stated.
"Ok." Gabby said.
"What band are we touring with?" Chloe asked.
"I don't think you should know that until you are at the show."He said.
"I wanna know now though." Chloe pleaded.
"Ok." He said 
"So who is it?" I asked so happy.
"One direction" He stated calmly.
"Oh My Fucking God." Chloe said.
She stood up and started walking around screaming.
I jumped up and screamed so did Amy and Diamond. Alice just sat there Emotionless.
"Alice are you ok?" I asked.
"yeah I am perfect. We get to tour with ONE DIRECTION" She shouted the last part.
"Ok I have to go before I get recognised  . I want an original song that you guys wrote." He said getting up.
"You obvs haven't seen our youtube then." Chloe said putting her hands on her hips.
"We have ton of original songs" Diamond said.
Simon left and we got lunch. 
We ended up traveling home at 2ish and just for a laugh we waited outside the school. Alice started smoking and we all drank a little alcohol. The teachers didn't even spot us so we left and went home.
I watched T.V for the rest of the night and I am pretty sure the others done the same.







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