Traveling together

Above wonderland is a band of 5 girls that is trying to make it in the music business. They end up opening for one direction on their up all night tour.
Will they fall in love or hate each other? Are the boys gonna find out the girls have some shocking secrets or not?


1. Intruduction.

Sorry there are so many links I just wanted you to know the girls. I am gonna try and update this almost everyday. I will also try to do it from everyones pov. Hope you like it




*Alices pov

I am Alice.

I was wearing this.

That is me. I am 15. I was born in essex but moved to London 5 years again when my dad got a job transfer. My mum and dad split up 3 years ago and haven't talked since. I live with my mum, little sister(jess, age 8) and little brother(john, age 4). My dad lives with his new wife and my step-brother (Billy age 13), step-sister (Mary, age 15) and step-brother( Dylan, age 17). Last year my dad told me he didn't want to know me.


I grabbed my bag off the floor and ran out the door and down the road to  Diamond's house. We had band pratice and we had called a record company to see if they would sighn us or not we are getting a call today about it.


*chloe pov 

i was wearing this today.

I live with my mum, dad and younger brother kyle he is 9. I am 16. I lived in Manchester but when my mum met my dad he was on holiday near us and invited us back to London,10 years ago. My real dad died. He was a policeman and was shot when I was 3.

I shoved the last spoonful of cereal in my mouth and charged out the house and jumped in my mum's car. I honked the horn hurrying my mum up.

"Hurry the fuck up mum. This is important!" I yelled out the window. 

"Language chloe!" My mum yelled back.

My mum jumped in the car and drove  for about 12 minutes. I lept out the car and down the path to Diamonds house. I was so excited.


*Amy pov

I'm Amy. I am 15. I live with my parents( Maisy and Kevin). Well I say parents my foster parents for this year. My parents gave me away when I was born and people are now playing pass the parcel with me. I also live with my brother (Ben, age 12) and my other two twin brothers ( Gary, Max age 5). Maisy and Kevin are Ben, Gary and Max's real parents. Lucky. I have been living with them for 6 months, I am really scared to leave because I have loads of friends and I am in a band that rocks.

"Come on Maisy I am gonna be late" I yelled and I slipped my shoes on. I was wearing this.

"You can call me Mum and I know." She said jumping in her Black car.

"I don't wanna call you mum" I replied.

"What ever let's just get going" She started the car 

"Thank you,Finally" I said staring out the window. I was so excited We might be getting signed. YAY


Gabriela's pov*


Hi im Grabriela. My friends call me Gabby. I am 14. I live with my brother he is 20. I only live with him because one day we came home from school and our parents had left. There wasn't even a note. They just left and never come back and that was 4 years ago.  I was wearing


"I am going out. I have band practice." I yelled as I jumped out the door. 

I ran walked down the road. I don't really like running. I was just outside Diamond's house when I saw Alice, Chole and Amy walk up the path. I stopped and I waited for them to catch up with me. 


*Diamonds pov*

I am 15. I live with my mum, dad, brother( Jack age 1) and sister ( Lindsay age 11). There is no complications with my family. My mum and dad don't fight. My parents do own a company. It is a boating company and we live in a big house. 



I ran to the door and opened it. Amy, Chloe, Alice and Gabby came flooding into my house. They followed me down to the basement. i clutchd a phone in my hand that we brought specially for this person to call us on.

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