Traveling together

Above wonderland is a band of 5 girls that is trying to make it in the music business. They end up opening for one direction on their up all night tour.
Will they fall in love or hate each other? Are the boys gonna find out the girls have some shocking secrets or not?


7. clubbing

*Diamond's pov* 
I was pissed off and worried she is so young to start smoking.
"Where you guys been?" Chloe asked.
"I got a call from my mum and I asked Gabby to wait for me." I lied.
They all just nodded. 
"Can I take your order?" A girl with brown hair asked.
"OMG One direction" She screamed.
She started jumping up and down and pointing at them.
"Calm down Alicia" Alice said.
"You know her?" I asked.
"Umm Yeah she is in my math class." Alice replied.
"Yeah we are. We did just like open for them" Chloe said. 
"What ever just take our order" I complained.
"Yeah sure" Alicia said holding out a note pad. 
She had a dumb smile on her face. I knew I probably looked like that when I found out we were gonna open for them.
"Can we have two chicken wings with fries. margarita pizza..... one meatball and spaghetti. oh and just some fries" I said looking at each girl.
"Can we have 3 burgers with fries and salad, one ribs and curly fries and one ham and cheese pizza" Niall ordered.
"And that is just him" Zayn added. Everyone started laughing and then it died quickly.
Alicia walked off. I looked at Gabby who looked worried.
"I am going to the loo anyone coming?" I asked as I stood up.
Gabby didn't say a word and stood up. We walked together to the bathroom. As soon as we walked through the door I looked at her.
"What is wrong?" I asked quickly.
"I can't do this. My parents left me and my brother is leaving for university tomorrow." Gabby cried.
"Don't worry. You will be fine. We have a tour bus to travel in a hotel rooms to crash at." I explained.
"I know." Gabby muttered.
"So don't start smoking" I scolded.
"Okay" Gabby complained. She didn't want to hear my lecture. We both ran our hands under the water and left. 

*The whole meal we just talked about the show and our tour. We left to a bar.*

"How old are you?" The bouncer asked as I walked up. 
We were in short dresses and looked a lot older than we were. The One Directions boys really didn't want to do this but we were gonna do this even if they didn't so they agreed.
"20" I replied. He looked me up and down then let me in. I could tell he was a new guy.
I watched as the others walked in after me. Then it came to Gabby we were all nervous.
"How old?" He asked for the 10th time.
The boys were already at the bar while we waited.
"18" She replied with a cute smile.
"Really?" The bald man asked.
"Yes! now are you gonna let me in I am looking for a good time. Maybe you can join me later" She said a winked.
"Just go" He said.
We all carried on in and I glanced back he was totally starring at her ass. 
We walked up to the bar and ordered a shot of vodka each. We done that 5 times and then stumbled to the dance floor. I guess I it was a bit weird I let her drink and not smoke but this was just a one time thing. No more drinking for her. After tonight of course.

*Gabby's pov*

I danced ignoring the man that had just stood behind me. 
"Hey sexy" A deep voice said.
"Go away."  I whispered.
"Babe come on. I heard you wanted fun tonight." He whispered.
An idea popped into my head. 
I walked over to Alice. 
"Look this girl is my girlfriend and she wont be happy if you keep making a move on me." I said pointing to Alice.
He looked at me and then walked away. 
I got another drink from the bar and sat down. I was kinda bored. This was everything I wanted yet I wasn't happy. I just wanted my parents to be here. That wont happen though.I kept ordering drinks until I was out of money. I stood up and stumbled to a table in the far corner where the others were. 
"Hey" my voice slurred.
"Hey" They all replied sounding just as drunk.
I walked away to the dance floor. I danced for what seemed like hours. I was sweaty as people danced beside me. I was so hot. The music bleared above peoples voices. 
I  stumbled out the club with the others. We were all shouting random shit. 
"Get in the car now." Paul said pulling up in a car.
Haryy and Zayn looked at each other then walked away quickly. Pau jumped out the car with another man I didn't know. 
"Get back here boys" Paul yelled.
The two men picked the boys up and carried them into the car. There was a child lock on the car so they couldn't get back out. That was until Louis opened the door. Liam stuck his arm out and caught Zayn pushing him back into the silver people carrier. 
"Cheers" Paul shouted.
Paul picked Niall up off the floor and tried to pulling him towards the car. I just laughed at this. 

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