Traveling together

Above wonderland is a band of 5 girls that is trying to make it in the music business. They end up opening for one direction on their up all night tour.
Will they fall in love or hate each other? Are the boys gonna find out the girls have some shocking secrets or not?


2. Celebrating

Diamonds pov*

I clutched the phone in my hand as we sat around discussing it. We were all so excited.

* B-b-b-baby c'mon over
I don't care if people find out (dada - dadada - da - da - da - da)* The phone shouted our cover of one direction magic.

"OMG. He is calling us" I screamed.
"Simon Cowell is calling us" Alice yelled excitedly.
I took a deep breath and tried to calm down.
"Hello" I said calmly.
"Hello." He replied.
"I have listened to your demo and I have decided to give you a chance. " He said casually.
"Really?" I said trying not to scream.
"Yes. Really." He repeated.
"OMG Guys they have signed us." I Whisper shouted. With my hand over the phone.
"YES!!!!!" The girls screamed together.
"Thank you so much" I said to him.
"We still need an opening band for one of our best bands." He stated.
"We will" I said maybe a bit to keenly.
"Yes well I have another band in mind so we will need to meet to discuss it." Simon said.
"Ok when and where?" I glanced over to the girl who were silently screaming and jumping up and down. I turned around and kept pacing back and forth.
"Tomorrow at 11am and at star-bucks on Shaftesbury avenue ." Simon said thinking carefully.
"Ok" I said with a grin from ear to ear.
Simon hung up and I dropped the phone on the floor.
"We are meeting him tomorrow 11am Starbucks on Shaftesbury avenue " I repeated.
We all screamed.
"We have school tomorrow" Amy stated.
"Crap we do" Chloe confirmed.
"We can just skip my parents won't mind" Gabby said.
"Your parents are still on that business trip aren't they?" I asked.
"Ummm yeah." She replied.
"so thats it we are skipping school then" Alice said.
"OMG I can't believe this." I screamed.
"Why are we meeting him though?" Amy asked.
"He said He needs an act to open for his best band and it between us and some other band." I stated.
"Like really?" Alice said.
'Yes" I said jumping up and down.
*Gabby's pov*
I was so nervous they all thought my parents were on a business trip in america. Now I have this to deal with. it is nothing usual that I skip school. I don't have many true friends apart from these guys and I am the youngest, not in there year.
"Hey I'm going out for a fag." Alice said. 
I felt really sorry for her. Her dad didn't want to now her and ever since last year she has been out of control, drinking, smoking, she even started self harming last month. We stopped her though by going to her house and taking all the razors and sharp things away from her.
"Ok" I replied.
We all got up and followed Alice out the house and into the front garden. Diamonds mum didn't really like us that much because we are a bad influence on her 'perfect' daughter. 

*Alice's pov*

I grabbed my bag and we headed out to the front garden. I pulled out a pack of fags a light one. 
"I am so excited we should celebrate." Gabby said.
"I have the perfect way to celebrate." I said.
"Alice not here my mum will kill me" Diamond complained. She knew what I was thinking.
"Ok lets go then." I said taking a drag of my fag.
"Where we going." Amy asked.
"I have no idea." I said still waling up the road. I knew where I was going. I was heading to a park near the house. No one went there so it was a great place and it had a large field.
We walked there singing, mostly one direction and Little mix. 
"Here we are" I said spinning in circles when we arrived at the park.
"How are we gonna celebrate?" gabby asked.
"You are so stupid." Chloe teased.
"She is gonna get us drunk." Diamond stated.
"To right bro" I said digging in my bag.
I finally pulled out a bottle of vodka, strawberry cider and Jack Daniels whiskey.
I opened the bottle of Vodka first and took a massive mouthful before passing it to Diamond. Me and Diamond would come up here a lot to get drunk.
She took a gulp then passed it to Amy who passed it to Chloe who hesitated to pass it to Gabby.
"I don't think it is a good idea to get her pissed." Chloe said.
"I will be fine" Gabby protested.
"Fine be careful. Your brother will yell at you." Amy said.
"No he is staying at his girlfriends for the night. I am meant to be staying round Diamonds." Gabby said. 
She Yanked the bottle out of Chloe's hand and took a massive gulp. Her eyes slammed shut as the liquid burned her throat.
"Nice" Gabby said.
We spent the rest of the night sat there singing, talking and thinking about how we will get to Star bucks tomorrow. Oh and Laughing. Until midnight, We walked home our different ways. It was pretty funny because we were are tripping over our own feet. We had ditched the empty bottles in someones bin.

I walked home in the dark and snuck up the side of my house. I placed my feet on the white window ledge and grabbed the black water pipe that ran up the side of our house. I pulled myself up and slipped through my bedroom window which I had left slightly open. 

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