Traveling together

Above wonderland is a band of 5 girls that is trying to make it in the music business. They end up opening for one direction on their up all night tour.
Will they fall in love or hate each other? Are the boys gonna find out the girls have some shocking secrets or not?


8. car trouble

*Alice's pov*

I watched as Niall was dragged to the car. Louis and Harry were walking away with Amy and Chloe. I span around and tried to run but slipped in my heels. I landed on the cold,hard, dirty floor. Diamond lifted me up and shoved me into another car that had just pulled up. Paul must have called another car for us. 

*Diamond's pov*
I shoved Alice in the car that Paul had called for us after I asked him to. I pulled my heels off and chucked them into the car with Alice. My and Liam were the only ones out of the band that were not drunk. I ran after Amy and grabbed her arm.
"Get off me" Amy yelled. 
"Just get in the fucking car" I said.
"No" Harry said.
"Do one curly Liam will be here for you in a second." I said pulling Amy's arm and dragging her to the car. Her heels broke on the way and she swore a lot. I pushed her into the car and slammed the door hard. 
I watched Liam s he carried Harry over his shoulder. Paul was carrying Louis bridle style which was quite funny. They slammed the boys in the car.
"Need help?" Liam offered.
"Yeah please I still need to get Gabby and Chloe in there" I said pointing towards the car. I looked around for them and noticed Gabby walking down an alley and Chloe up against the wall making out with some dude.
"I will take Gabby. Chloe can get moody so watch out" I said patting Liam on the shoulder. 
I ran down the alley after Gabby. I jumped up and down on the spot because I stepped in glass. 
"Gabby" I shouted.
No reply.
"Gabriella get here now." I said seeing her at the back of the alley.
"NO" She shouted.
"GET THE FUCK OFF ME" I heard chloe shout.
"Gabriella don't make me grab you." I yelled.
"How about fuck off bitch." She shouted back.
I ran down there and grabbed her arms. I lifted her up and threw her over my shoulder. She started screaming and hitting my back like a little kid. I limped back to the car and Paul opened the door. I placed Gabby in a seat and strapped her in. I slammed the door quickly and looked at my foot. I had glass actually in my foot. 
"Paul do you know a good doctor?" I asked.
"What happened?" Paul asked.
"I got glass in my foot" I replied looking up at him.
"Just pull it out." Paul said.
"NO FUCK OFF" Chloe screamed.
I looked up and saw Liam trying to pick Chloe up. She slapped him hard. 
"Ouch" Liam shouted.
"Let me look" Paul said.
I showed him my foot and he quickly pulled the glass out. 
"Fuck" I shouted. 
That made Liam look at me and Chloe ran away quickly with that boy. 
"Little help." Liam shouted.
I stood up and grabbed my shoes from the car. I slid them on and ran after Liam. I stumbled a few times in my heels. 
"Chloe get here now" I yelled.
Chloe looked back and saw me running. I knew she felt bad but that didn't stop.
Liam ran ahead and tripped Chloe up. She went tumbling to the floor and the boy just kept running.  I ran there and picked Chloe up. Liam grabbed on of her arms and I grabbed the other. We were both taller than her so her feet dangled in the air as we quickly walked to the car. Paul opened the car quickly and we pushed Chloe in. I jumped in the front and a man drove us to a hotel.
"What the fuck, Diamond" Chloe complained.
"You are such a buzz kill" Gabby complained.
"What ever. Get over it you are all pissed and can't even stand up properly."I snapped.
The rest of the drive I listened to the complaining. 

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