Me Against the World

Cassie Smith is like every other girl, well apart from the fact that she's Liam Payne's Cousin. Her Mother is from Liam's dad's side of the family. She has plenty of friends in school and she is the school 'Popular' girl but coming home and hearing her mother calling her names and hitting her everyday is getting too much for her, her brother is both a dick to her and someone she has to protect from her mother and she constantly is left to watch her 4 year old sister while her mother goes and gets drunk everyday. What happens when it all becomes too much, she starts cutting, what happens when she starts cutting, Liam and his friends find out, When One Direction find out about her what happens??
Enough Is Enough
*Part One Of 'Me Against The World*


6. Really...

A life piled with grief hardly survives,
Yet it wasn't one of who dies,
It was the misery, the pain of death,
The morning wakes, the evening theft,
The theft of life,
The life of theft,
Is decided by a child's past,
You cannot keep it pure,
If it's past isn't clear, Will it's future be?
That is decided by the stongness of the being.

Cassie’s POV- I enter Aunty Tell’s house as she calls for us to enter “Hey Cas! In here!” she calls I’m guessing from the living room. “Coming!” I call back, as we get closer to the living room Lia decides to run ahead “Lia! Come back!” I call as we round the corner, not able to stop her because I am holding Arietta “Michael could you please get Lia?” Why can’t you “Because I am holding Arri-“ I look to see Aunty Tell and 5 boys who I never thought I would see in person let alone sitting in my Aunts living room. I was lost for words. They were looking at me with disgust, I guess it was because they saw me with two children under three and a half. I was pretty upset, then Aunty tell decided to say something “Umm, what are you doing with Arietta?” “Long story, cut it short. Aunty May is in the dump and uncle Paul disappeared….” “Wait, did you say you have an uncle Paul that has disappeared?” Niall stated “Yeah, but he’s never around, he lives in England while Aunty May lives in Melbourne…” All the boys look at each other clearly shocked, but none looked more shocked then Liam “Umm, this is getting really weird…” Zayn decides to add to the conversation, Aunty Tell decides to introduce us “Ok boys, this is Cassie...” She says pointing to me “This is her younger brother, Michael…” she says and the boys crack up, trying to hold in their laughter “What’s so funny???” “Oh, it’s just that Arietta sounds like Harry-Etta, Michael is the name of my imaginary friend when I was little, what’s next? Your daughter’s name is Lena?” I look at Niall with disgust “1, she’s not my daughter and 2, your close. It’s Lia!” I say and everyone falls to the floor laughing their heads off, tears falling down the sides of their faces while I'm just standing there with a blank expression “But she might as well be my daughter” I mumbled, I didn’t think anyone would have heard and I started tearing up, thinking about mum passed out yesterday and hitting me this morning for no reason. Louis looks up at me “What’s wrong and what do you mean?” I look at Louis, of course he would have heard, he was like only half a meter away from me, wrapping himself into a ball. Yet instead of using his loud voice like usual he actually said it so nearly no-one could hear “It’s nothing" I say looking away from him, I decided to sit down, with Arietta lying in my lap asleep. I just look around still clearly confused to why they were here.


Eventually the boys all finished their little laughing fits and decided they should join in sitting down on the lounge, Harry and Niall sitting next to me and Louis sitting on my lap, Zayn was holding Arietta and Liam was holding Lia, while Michael and Niall sat next to each other, engaged in conversation. I have no idea why I even let Louis sit on my lap, well I didn’t even let him in the first place but I couldn’t be bothered with pushing him off, which I know I could. “So I guess you are wondering why these boys are here…” Aunty tell looked at Liam, then me. “Well, you see, Liam here…. Is well…” “He’s your Cousin” Louis shouted “and I’m yogi bear’s sister, yeah we all know, ha, ha, ha, very funny Louis, where are the hidden camera’s?” “There aren’t any” Harry says, winking at me. “Oh, god” I say, face palming myself. “If you do that any harder you might give yourself a concussion” Niall says in his cute Accent Oh god, I think I’m falling for Niall “and if you don’t shut up you might be getting a knuckle sandwich,” I say jokingly, pocking out my tongue “Yum!” Niall says, oh god, I forgot he liked food “Oh god Niall” I say, in-between laughs. I caught a glimpse of outside, it was getting dark and I better be getting home soon. “Umm, well we better be going…” I say, signalling for Michael to stand up. “Nooo!” Louis shouts “You only just got here and we need to properly talk” Liam states “Yeah we do, but we really need to go” I say, I can feel the panic starting to rise in my voice “No, stay!” Niall screams running up to me and giving me a hug “Ow!” I scream, I quickly stop myself by clasping my hands over my mouth. All the boys look at me with confusion “I know I give tight bare-hugs but I’ve never hurt someone before, please forgive me!” Niall cries, a couple of tears coming out “No it’s ok… it’s not your..” “Then whose is it?” Zayn interrupts me, giving Arietta to Harry. Zayn walks up to me and lifts my shirt, all the boys gasp except Michael, he knows. There are multiple bruises and cuts all over my body “Who did this to you!” Zayn hisses at me “By god I’ll kill him” he mutters “It’s ok, it’s nothing…” I say, wanting to get out of here as soon as I could 1. This was getting too much and 2. Mum will probably kill me and if she sees Arietta, she’ll kill her too. “It’s not nothing.” Louis says, but instead of his joking mood his voice is flat. “I’m sorry but I really have to go!” I say, panic rising in my voice. “No, not until you tell us.” Harry says. Liam looks to shocked to say anything, what’s wrong with him? “Cassie, come with me…” Aunty Tell says flatly, she’s gone pale and her voice is shaking. She leads me into the kitchen, as we were leaving I hear Louis talking to Zayn "How did you know?" "Let's just say I've had to deal with it before, sister had an abusive boyfriend" he says sighing. Aunty Tell starts talking in a hushed tone due to the boys being in the next room, the sliding door slightly open. “Is this Mary’s doing?” I look at her and start crying, tears falling down my face “There, there, I knew she was an Alcoholic but I never knew she was abusive too, how many times has she hit you?” “I really don’t want to talk about it…” “No, you have to, and you are not going back there, you are staying with me from now on,” “No, I have to go now, or she’ll kill me, and Arietta” “That’s what I’m afraid of…” “Then you will understand that I have to go…” I say, quickly pushing the chair back and rushing out of the room, only to be stopped by 4 people blocking the door “You can’t go back there” “Leave me alone, and mind your own business, I’ve been fine for the past 17 years, why not now?” “You call this…being fine…” Niall says, lifting my shirt. “Stop lifting my bloody shirt and leave me alone!” I cry “Please, I need to get home now, I need to keep Arietta safe!” “What do you mean?” “If I get home before mum I can get the others to the safe room in time!” “You call that being fine, more like Surviving by a thread!” Liam yells at me, it’s the first thing he’s said since Zayn did that, god Zayn. “Fine, I’ll stay, I’ll stay!” I throw my hands up in surrender. “Does anyone want dinner seems I’m here?” “No, I think we’ll go get some take away, thanks anyway.” “Are you trying to say I’m a bad cook?” I say looking at Harry with a questioning look “No, we just don’t want to cause you any trouble…” “Oh but I’m hungry!” Niall screams, making us all laugh, harry turns to face me “Ok, but you sure you are fine?”


I decided to get Niall to help me, which wasn’t such a good idea “Niall, stop taking the food!” I scream. “Nooo!!! Not the food Niall!” Louis screams running into the kitchen and tackling Niall, then Zayn decides to remove the two, thank god. I continue to make the pizza dough, splitting the pizza dough in half, suddenly the second half disappears of the plate “Niall, give back the pizza dough!” I have no idea what he would do with pizza dough, that stuff taste’s horrible if it’s not cooked “I don’t have any dough!” he calls from upstairs, he could never have made it that far unless he’s superman, that makes me think “Niall, who’s upstairs with you?” “Umm, Liam, Zayn, Louis, Michael and the cuties!” I giggle to myself at his reference of Arietta and Lia as cuties. “Is Harry with you?” “Umm, no!” great, we have a rogue Curls on the loose. I think to myself, straight away I feel two arms wrapped around me, I turn around to face Harry. “You smell nice...” he says looking at me. He lifts me up and places me on the counter next to the Pizza “Na, it’s just the Pizza…” he says moving his head towards the pizza and his head hits in-between my breasts . “Mhh, it’s quite nice, I wonder, seems I got you stuck on the counter, I can steal some…” he moves one hand towards the Pizza “Don’t you dare styles!” I yell. “Then kiss me!” he calls back “What? You have Millions of girls who are dying for a kiss of the Styles and you want ME to kiss YOU?” “More than you know it” he says, I then noticed how close our faces were, instantly he smashes his lips to mine, it took me a minute to register what was happening then I kissed back. Our lips moving in sync, him standing in-between my legs. I wrap my arms around his head and play with his hair with my fingertips. The kiss getting more intense each second, then we were interrupted by someone clearing their throat. A mad looking Liam and a Horrified Niall standing in the doorway “Harry, Out!” Liam calls. Harry quickly puts me on the floor and storms out, then Liam turns and follows harry, next thing I hear Harry and Liam yelling from down the Hall. Niall still shocked standing in the doorway, what have I done, now I’ve ruined my chances with Niall, I mentally face-palm myself. I’m an Idiot.

Niall’s POV- I’ve missed my chance with Cassie, Harry got to her first, but he’s just a player, he’ll hurt her and I don’t want her to get hurt, she looks like she’s been through enough already. Her mum’s a bitch, how could she do that to her own daughter, I guess my efforts just didn’t make it, she’s all I ever wanted. She’s Nice, she treats people with respect and she even took in three children who weren’t even hers, and they’re all under the age of 10. I don’t know how she could even deal with it, I know I couldn’t. She is strong and she acts completely normal even though everything is wrong, she told us some things but I know she left allot out. I walk into the kitchen and look at the dough over the other side of the room, and I decide to help her by flattening the dough while she mixed another batch and split it into halves. I pick up the flattened dough in its tray and put it over with the dough on the other side of the room “What are you doing?” I stop and turn around to come face to face with Cassie “I..Um..I-I’m putting this dough with the other one” she looks behind me at the dough on the other side of the room “So that’s what he did with it..” she said laughing to herself. Then she looked directly at me “Oh, well… it was supposed to go on the table here…” she said, pointing to the table in the middle of the room filled with Pizza sauce’s and toppings. “Um… Ok” I say, she gives me a sweet smile and I put the pizza down and get the dough of the bench and start to flatten it


Niall's POV-
“Finally, we’ve made all the dough…” she says, sighing “Now for the Sauces!” she runs up to the table “Don’t run in the kit…” I start to say, but I don’t forget to finish before she runs into the corner of a bench “Ow! Holy F…Fritters! Shit. Ow!” She screams, holding her side. I quickly run over to her, picking her up. Liam and Harry walk into the room “Could you please get me some Ice!” I call as I leave the room and place her on the Lounge. Liam and Harry race to the fridge but they don’t make it, Harry hits his side and crumbles to the ground and Liam falls over him, hitting his head on the ground, seconds later I notice he’s out cold with blood pouring from his head “Fuck, Louis! Zayn! Michael!” I watch as harry quickly moves over to Liam, taking of his shirt and flipping Liam and placing the shirt on his head. I noticed how bad the bruise looked and he hit the bench half as hard, I quickly look at Cassie, she’s not even crying, but you can tell she wants to “It’s ok, cry if you want to, I don’t care.” She just looks at me, still holding back the tears. “Cassie, I have to lift your shirt” She looks at me “No Niall.” She says in-between gasps. “I have to, harry hit the table half as hard as you and it’s the worse bruise I’ve ever seen on him, and trust me, I’ve seen him getting busted up" She starts to laugh but she stops and screams in pain. “Ok, Ok…” she looks at me, her eyes tearing up. I lift her shirt a little to reveal a big gash in her side, how did I not notice the blood before? “Shit….” That’s all I can say before I feel like chocking. Zayn and Michael are taking care of Harry and Liam while Louis comes up and helps me, he looks at me “What the Kentucky Fried Chicken happened here?” I was thinking of making a food joke but I couldn’t with Cassie like this “She hit the edge of the bench…” “You sure they didn’t get attacked by a lion?” he says, referring to Liam, Harry and Cassie “No, Just a bench” “Well that’s one nasty bench”
Cassie’s Aunty, Sarah. Finally hearing all the commotion, came down stairs and said they all should go to the Hospital, but Cassie refused “No, no hospitals, they’ll call mum and I’ll have to go home.” “Not if we tell them what’s been going on…” “Yeah, I’ll have to go to a foster home, all of us...” she said referring to Michael, Lia and Arietta “And we won’t be going to the same one…” “Fine, at least let me clean you up…” Sarah gave up. Once Sarah had finished cleaning up Liam, Harry and Cassie she decided it was best they all be kept an eye on. Liam didn’t trust Harry plus he was hurt so I got to share with Cassie. Michael went with Harry. Louis and Zayn went with Liam seems Zayn was almost impossible to wake up and Liam had to be looked after the most and the girls went with Sarah. Cassie and I watched some of Toy story 3 while the other’s went to bed “You definitely are related to Liam” I say laughing “What?” “You like Toy Story…” “What it’s my favourite movie!” “You sure you aren’t Liam’s twin?” she pokes her tongue at me “Nope, just cousin, even though it’s kind of weird me out that we’re related…” “How?” “Well the fact that I’m related to The Liam Payne from Wolverhampton who I’ve been following since his first X-factor Journey…” she said as she snuggled into my chest “I don’t like Lotso…” she continues telling me stuff about the characters and I keep throwing food at her face then eating it before she can get it for about an hour or so until I decided it was time for bed. “No! There’s only like another 10 minutes! Please!” she wines. “Nope” I carry her through the door of our room and shut it, I lie her down and shift over to the other side of the bed. “Fine, but don’t look, I have to change…” she jumps of the bed and I decide to change too “Don’t you look either!” I quickly pull of my shorts so I’m in boxers and without looking I shuffle under the covers. I feel pretty bad that Harry got to her before I did. I feel the bed move as she jumps under the covers “What’s wrong?” She asks, clearly worried. “Nothing” I say with a huff “C’mon, I know something’s wrong” “It’s nothing,” I continue “Tell me, or I’ll eat all the food!” I turn to face her “No you wouldn’t!” I say and jump over to her and start tickling her “S-Stop” she squeals while laughing “Or what?” “I’ll get Louis!” she squeals “Oh, no not Louis!” I scream quickly moving my arms away from her and placing them over both sides of her, my body hovering over hers. She’s so cute when she’s laughing, I wish I had her before Harry, maybe I can change that. “So, what’s happening between you and Harry?” I ask she looks at me “N-nothing, He kissed me that’s all…” “And you kissed back” I huff “Ohh, someone’s jealous…” she says in a teasing tone “What if I am?” I ask “I would say you have nothing to worry about yet” she then realises what she said and clasps her hands over her mouth. “Ohh, someone like’s me” I say, mocking her earlier “What if I do?” she says, I think she’s mocking me “Are you mocking me? Are you mocking me?” I say jumping onto her, she squeals laughing and I start tickling her again “Ow, ow” “What’s wrong?” she looks at me “My side…” she wheezes “Oh, crud… sorry” she huffs and makes a puppy dog face I lean down and give her a kiss, a couple of seconds she responds and our lips move in sync, it was then I realised we were both in our underwear, I didn’t care. I wrapped my arms around her waist and she tangled her fingers in my hair. The kiss probably lasted 5 minutes before we both needed breath, I decided to have a joke and play with her bra strap “Niall…” she looks at me “What’s wrong?” I ask. “What are you doing?” “I don’t know…” god I think I just ruined it, shit Niall, you are an Idiot.

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