Me Against the World

Cassie Smith is like every other girl, well apart from the fact that she's Liam Payne's Cousin. Her Mother is from Liam's dad's side of the family. She has plenty of friends in school and she is the school 'Popular' girl but coming home and hearing her mother calling her names and hitting her everyday is getting too much for her, her brother is both a dick to her and someone she has to protect from her mother and she constantly is left to watch her 4 year old sister while her mother goes and gets drunk everyday. What happens when it all becomes too much, she starts cutting, what happens when she starts cutting, Liam and his friends find out, When One Direction find out about her what happens??
Enough Is Enough
*Part One Of 'Me Against The World*


1. Me

You can only see so much in a girl,
In the way she talks, walks, speaks, reacts,
but there will always be something you don't know,
A side you don't know

Cassie’s POV-
I wake up and look around my room, realising that this day was going to be like every other one. Hoping not to wake mum I slowly jog down the hall and grab my towel, I sneak into the bathroom again. I slowly start to get undressed, I’m standing in my underwear looking at myself in the mirror. I see the bruises all over my body, I see the broken girl left without a Father or a Proper Mother, I just see what sums up my life at home, I see the pain in my eyes and I see the loss as well I see the constant screaming of someone telling me to leave this hell hole and another telling me to stay. I see my hopes, dreams and broken pasts. I see me.

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