Me Against the World

Cassie Smith is like every other girl, well apart from the fact that she's Liam Payne's Cousin. Her Mother is from Liam's dad's side of the family. She has plenty of friends in school and she is the school 'Popular' girl but coming home and hearing her mother calling her names and hitting her everyday is getting too much for her, her brother is both a dick to her and someone she has to protect from her mother and she constantly is left to watch her 4 year old sister while her mother goes and gets drunk everyday. What happens when it all becomes too much, she starts cutting, what happens when she starts cutting, Liam and his friends find out, When One Direction find out about her what happens??
Enough Is Enough
*Part One Of 'Me Against The World*


7. It's in your bloodline...

I don't know,
I don't care,
All I know,
Is I'm no longer there,
You are here,
I am gone,
Tomorrow's day,
Is yesterdays dawn.

Cassie’s POV-
I wake up to hear crying coming from Aunty Tell’s room, it’s Lia. I decided she needed a nappy change and I got up, carefully trying to get out of Niall’s grip but I wake him “I have to go see Lia, be back soon” he nods and looks behind me before he doses off, I quickly slip on my shorts and shirt and head into the room to find Lia squirming and crying. I pick her up and I take her to the pile of clothes that Aunty tell said I could use for Arietta and Lia, but I can’t find any nappies anywhere, I look in their Nappy bag and I can only find one Nappy, Shit. I have to go home and get some more. I quickly dress myself and  change Lia and put her in warmer clothes and sneak out the door with Lia. I can’t just leave her for Aunty Tell to take care of can I? I rush home and quickly fumble to get the key in the door so I can leave soon but Mum appears at the door “Where have you been you worthless piece of shit!” “I-I was getting some groceries…” I lie, I hardly lie. It’s stupid “Well then, where are they?” she says smartly, a smirk coming across her face. “All the shops were closed.” I say, but it was more like a question. “You shit don’t lie to me! You know that’s a lie and you are going to pay for it!” she screams, running over to me, suddenly everything becomes a blur and I see 5 people enter the door and I can hear my Name being called, but it was too late, I could taste the blood in my mouth as Mum kicked me repeatedly in the stomach, everything was turning red, I guess this is what it feels like to die, after fighting for as long as I can, I scramble for the last breath I can, looking around I see Lia limp on the ground. No this is my fault. I tried to get to her but suddenly the lights went out, or did I die?

Niall’s POV-
I wake up and look at the clock, it’s been half an hour, surely she would be back by now, I have a strange feeling that something’s wrong. I quickly get up and pull some shorts over my boxers and leave the room. Looking around for Cassie there is nothing, the Nappy bag is gone and so is Lia, now I’m really worried. Where could she be? Then a thought hit me. She’s gone Home.

Liam’s POV-
I woke up to the sound of Niall and Harry screaming and running down the hall “Everyone get up now!” I see them appear at the door “Hurry!” I see Louis stumble out of the bathroom “Wha-what’s happening?” Harry looks at Niall “Yeah, exactly why did we wake them up?” I look at Niall and I noticed all of us were “I-I T-Think C-Cas-sie’s gone h-home…” “What makes you think that mate?” Niall stops looking at the ground and looks directly at me “Because she’s not bloody here!” “Ok, Ok calm the face down will you?” Niall gives Harry the death stare “You can shut the F-frick up!” Niall is screaming now “Niall, she’s my cousin, she’s like our sister, we are all worried but please don’t wake up the universe” Niall looks at me with rage, then he gives up and crumbles to the floor “I-It’s all my fault” he says, falling to the ground “It’s all my fault” “No it isn’t mate, it’s no-one’s fault” “It is my bloody fault! If I was watching her…” “It’s not your fault, you didn’t know she would leave!” “I-I could have stopped her…” “Niall stop being such a douche and let’s go get her!”
We arrive at her house twenty minutes later with the help of Michael of course, who gave us the directions and agreed to stay with Arietta in the car, we jump out and look around for the door, we quickly sprint around the side of the house and run up the stairs, it wasn’t long before we saw Cassie passed out on the floor, blood covering her while a boy was trying to wake her up. Who I was guessing was her mum was pinned under two other boys, another was on the phone to who I was guessing was the ambulance and another was crowding a little body, I couldn’t tell who it was but Lia wasn’t in sight so I was guessing it was Lia. As we walk in we see one of the boys who was holding down the mother come up to us “You aren’t meant to be here.” He said flatly “I’m Cassie’s cousin” I stare at him “Bull, she would have told us that she had a famous cousin, what’s the joke?” “He didn’t know until yesterday, mate?” Louis finally breaks the tension. “So you knew about her mum?” He looks at me “No, we were coming to pick her up to take her out like the usual Saturday night out, her mum is hardly ever around so we had no Idea.” He says gesturing to Cassie and Lia “And now we know why she brings the younglings to school.” “I-Is that Lia?” I ask, looking at the baby’s feet, I couldn’t see the rest of the child because my view was blocked by another boy. “Umm, yeah I don’t know whether she’s going to make it, either of them.” he says. Looking at Cassie and sighing. I sprint up to Lia and try to look for a pulse, it was there but very faintly, was that because she was a child? I have no idea.

Niall’s POV-
We arrived at the Hospital at 3:37 this morning. I was too late, it’s my fault she’s here. I should have gone with her, I should have stopped her, most of all, I should have protected her and Lia. I have no idea how Lia is, we are allowed to go see her in pairs, seems Michael and Liam are related to her they go first. Then Zayn and I then Harry and Louis. God, it’s all my fault I’m the guilty but I’m also the innocent. I didn’t hurt her but I did, I didn’t stop her. I should have “You ok Niall?” Zayn looks worriedly at me. “Y-Yeah, just fine” “You don’t seem like it, look Liam won’t be out for probably another 10 minutes, want to go down to the vending machine?” “No, I’m good” I hear Louis and Harry whispering to each other and Zayn keeps staring at me “Look mate, I’m fine. I’m…Just… not that hungry…” “Fine, but you must know it’s not your fault, It’s mine.” “How the hell is it your fault Zayn, you weren’t meant to be the one looking after her!” “No, but if I had woken up sooner and got my lazy ass of the bed ten minutes earlier we might have been able to stop her!” “Zayn… it’s really not your fault” “But Niall you aren’t at fault either, I am” “Louis, not you too!” “Yes, I heard the front door shut but I didn’t know what to think of it, I heard the door shut Niall! It’s my fault!” We all pause for a moment and think to ourselves, suddenly the 5 boys from before speak “Look, I know you all have a reason for you to blame it on yourselves and you feel guilty but get over it, it’s no-one’s fault but Mary’s” “Yeah, that bloody bitch doesn’t deserve to be a mother, she tried to kill two of her daughters!” “Niall, Language…” Harry says while pointing to a young girl about seven, she looked like she had cancer because she had a bandana on her head and no hair, she looked very sick “Hey honey. Where are you supposed to be?” she looks at us and her head drops slightly, then she straightens her head “Hi, I-I’m Luna I’m looking for my mummy…” she says shyly “What’s your Mums name?” “M-Mary Smith” I look at the others “Why is she here?” “S-she tried to kill someone, she’s mental” she says, knocking on her head “Ow!” “Don’t do that, you might hurt yourself!” “Sorry…” she says, pulling a cute puppy dog face “Dad left last week and never came back, where is daddy?” I look at Zayn who is sitting beside me “I-I don’t know sweetie, so where are you meant to be?” “They said I can go if mummy signs the papers but then they found out she’s in here so I’m stuck here” she says. She comes up to me and stares at me for a moment, eyeing my every movement. You look familiar…” she says, as if questioning herself. “Oh you’re the blonde one, oh I’ve seen pictures of you around! Y-your N-Nil. Your Nill!” she says, Laughing to herself, I didn’t have the heart to correct her “Oh and your Hawwy, your Lewie and your Zz!” We all burst out in Laughter by the way she said our names “Where’s Leeyum?” we started laughing even harder, Zayn and Louis turned red it was hilarious “Nill, do you want some of my cwacker?” she said, holding out a packet of crackers. “Umm, no thanks you eat them” Immediately she jumps on my lap and opens my mouth, then she knocks on my head and turns my face side to side “Right where’s Nill and what have you done with him!” she screamed. Now Zayn was turning purple and doubling over, about to drop onto the floor.  Liam steps out of Lia’s room and looks at us, Luna turns around and looks at Liam “Leeyum!” She squeals, running over to Liam. Zayn finally being able to breathe again starts to laugh all over again I continue to laugh until my stomach hurts and I guarantee I’ve turned purple, all of this reminds me of one Irish girl I used to know, immediately the song ‘Somebody I used To Know’ Pops into my head. This makes me laugh even harder until I realise where we are and why we’re here. Immediately I’m filled with guilt and I begin to worry again, I guess Luna could tell because she furrowed her eyebrows and looked strangely at me “Nill, what’s wrong?” “N-nothing” I smile at her, being the clueless seven year old she is, but then she goes up to Louis and whispers something I can’t hear, Louis nods and she walks away “I’ll be back soon!” she smiles at us, there goes the girl who made all of us laugh, the girl who made everything seem better. I wonder if she is related to Cassie.

Cassie’s POV-
All around me is black, darkness. I have no idea how long I’ve been in this room, slowly things around me are becoming clearer as my eyes adjust to the darkness. I see a white figure appear in front of me, kind of like a horror movie. It’s pale skin glows in the dark and illuminates a small area around it. It’s eyes and mouth are wide open and they glow of white, it’s screams are piercing and I slowly feel myself getting dizzy, I close my eyes trying to escape the figure. I know it’s a dream but why can’t I wake up? I try to go somewhere in my dream, I go to my house. There is police tape over the front yard, no-one is home where are they. I decide to go to Aunty Tells. She is sitting on a seat, crying I go up to her “Aunty Tell, what’s wrong?” my voice comes out as an echo. She looks at me like she has seen a ghost “C-cassie?” she asks. “Yes…” Immediately she cries. I can hardly make out what she’s saying “D-don’t leave…” she says. Immediately I feel myself being dragged and slowly I come face to face with a little girl “Are you Cassie?” she asks “Y-yes…” I say looking at the small child “Mummy’s in here for trying to kill you…” she says “B-but she’s my mum…” I say, shocked at the girls words, I look closely at her small figure, unlike mine but so much like Michael’s, her blue eyes glow a little, like an ocean, like mine. But I can’t help but notice something, her hair. Immediately I am dragged again she starts screaming and running after me “Cassie!” I look around me and I am in fount of Niall, Liam, Zayn, Harry, Louis, Ashton and a couple of the other guys. They are crying and in a hospital room, seconds later the small girl comes running into the room “Cassie!” she looks directly at me. The boys all look up at me and I realise I’m glowing “N-no, no, no, no! This can’t be happening” I scream “C-cassie calm down!” she screams. All the boys look at me, but it’s like they can’t see me. Except Liam “C-cassie?” he asks “Liam!” I cry, running over to him “N-no this can’t be happening” all the boys look at him like he’s crazy. I slowly feel myself being pulled again “G-goodbye, Liam…” I cry. Then I feel myself being dragged, I feel like this is the last time. Suddenly I can hear machines around me, I sit up. “W-what happened?” I say, sitting up. I feel a blanket falling of me, I realise, it was covering my face. I’m alone, they think I’m dead.

Liam’s POV-
I’m sitting in the hall as we are waiting to see Cassie, she’s apparently in Acoma. “Mr Payne, you can go see her now…” he says nervously. “O-okay” I say. I mentally note to myself where everyone is. Louis and Harry are going to see Lia. Niall and Michael have gone out to get everyone food and Zayn is sleeping in the Waiting room. Check. As I walk into the room I see her pale, limp figure lying on the bed. The blood has been washed off and her cuts have been covered and cleaned. I watch as her chest slowly rises up and down. I sit there for about ten minutes just looking at her, she’s been through so much, it was that moment I noticed it on her arm. Scars, they were all lined up, like a blade had been used. Had she been cutting? I had no idea, suddenly I heard her breath stiffen and her heart beat race, getting faster and faster. “Doctor!” I scream, the doctor comes into the room “Y-you’re going to have to leave…” she told me, she looked like she was sorry. As I slowly close the door, I watch her. Just before I close it, I see the monitor stop changing sounds, and the line go flat. I think she’s dead, no she can’t be. “N-no, no, no!” I scream. Putting my hands on my head, I sit on the floor and cry as I see more and more doctors and Nurses enter the room, still hearing the sound of the monitor every time the door opened.  I decided to go see the guys and get away from the room. I slowly walk towards the waiting room when I hear my phone go off, I quickly rush to hang up and realise it’s Aunty Tell “H-hello…” I sniffle. I can hear sniffling in the background “D-do you know any news of cassie?” she says to me, at that moment I break down. “W-what made you think something’s wrong?” “Umm… I kind of saw something about a minute ago…” “W-what is it?” I ask her. “I-I think it was Cassie, but I don’t know…” It hit me then, my long lost cousin, gone.  Dead. Broken. Finished. That was it, that was the end. “Umm…. I don’t know how to tell you this but I think she may b-be d-dead” I say into the phone. I can feel my throat tighten and my eyes becoming sore. “I-I gotta go, I’ll tell you the news soon, bye.” I quickly finish, hanging up the phone. I walk out to find Niall and the others eating. Niall has a family meal from McDonalds. Typical Niall. As the boys notice me entering the room, they look up. They notice me in tears and they all put down the food “W-what’s wrong?” Harry asks, clearly worried “C-cassie…” I say, I think they all got what I meant.  We Just sat there for 10 minutes, not saying a word, not moving, except for the tear here and there. Suddenly the small girl from before comes running into the room “Cassie!” There stands Cassie. She looks around and then she looks at me, then at herself “N-no, no, no, no! This can’t be happening” she screams. The small girl screams at cassie “C-cassie calm down!” she screams. They all look at where Cassie is, but it’s like they can’t see her “C-cassie?” I say, but it came out, sounding like a question. Immediately all the boys look at me she looks at me and smiles, full of tears. Then she runs over to me “N-no this can’t be happening” I say to myself. All the boys look at me like I’ve gone loony. She suddenly jolts a little and she looks at me “G-goodbye, Liam…” she says, suddenly she’s sucked away “No don’t leave!” I scream, but it’s too late, she’s gone. Seconds later the doctor comes out “I-I’m so sorry, but she’s gone…” she says. That breaks us all, we all are crying and trying to comfort each other, everyone is crying except Michael. He just sits there emotionless and staring into nothing, then I realise he’s not there, he is but he isn’t. Then he looks at us “I-I’m her protector…” he says, none of this is making any sense to us “I-I was sent to be her Protector…” still none of this made any sense to us. “Liam, your bloodline is cursed. You all have a different curse and the worst is for the first born girl of all the generations…” he looks at me “I know this may not make any sense to you, but you aren’t full human…” he says. All the boys look at me, then the little girl “What’s with this girl?” I ask “S-she’s Cassie’s sister…” Niall says, looking at me directly in the eye. “So what does this mean?” “I can bring her back to life…” he says. Suddenly he disappears and we have no idea where he is. “So Liam, what does this mean?” Harry looks at me “I-I have no idea…” I say, sitting down. “I have no Idea…”

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