Me Against the World

Cassie Smith is like every other girl, well apart from the fact that she's Liam Payne's Cousin. Her Mother is from Liam's dad's side of the family. She has plenty of friends in school and she is the school 'Popular' girl but coming home and hearing her mother calling her names and hitting her everyday is getting too much for her, her brother is both a dick to her and someone she has to protect from her mother and she constantly is left to watch her 4 year old sister while her mother goes and gets drunk everyday. What happens when it all becomes too much, she starts cutting, what happens when she starts cutting, Liam and his friends find out, When One Direction find out about her what happens??
Enough Is Enough
*Part One Of 'Me Against The World*


3. Classes and Boys

My case is unknow,
I take another blow,
The seams of life,
Continuing with strife,
But those unaware,
stop and stare,
think I'm strange,
but I'm not,
I am a simple girl,
In a strange world


Cassie's POV-
Ashton kissed me, right on the lips. I didn't know how to feel, I was shocked, I didn't know what to think. I was so confused, yeah, I liked him but I just don't know, that was when the bell rung and I sprinted off towards my locker. Great! *Note the sarcasm* Science first, I had to sit next to Carly. She's a bitch to me and I have no idea why, we used to be friends in primary school but then she started acting all weird near me and then she started being bitchy, well I guess high-school is a time for change. She is a wannabe and until the second term I was a nerd but that changed when I started hanging out with one of the guys, Calum. He's a nice guy and he treated me like I was his friend. I was only a nerd because I had glasses, but I didn't wear nerdy clothes and I didn't have my head stuck into Pythagoras theorem and algebraic equations. I was more into Soccer and AFL. Everyone expects all girls to be able to play Netball but the thing is that the only rule I know is that you can't move your feet once you got the ball. As I head to pc. I see Pia, Clair and Tully heading towards the Pc. rooms, I quickly catch up to them and I'm greeted with a hug from Clair and Tully, Pia doesn't really like hugs and no-one knows why. As we get to where we have to start splitting for Pc's we wave goodbye to Clair. As Pia and I get to where our pc. have to meet Tully splits and goes up the stairs, we wave goodbye and she quickly gets to her Pc. before the bell rings. Carly comes up behind me with her two little followers and I sigh, she comes over to me and starts pushing me and I just walk backwards, yet she continues to push me I look at her giving me an evil grin 'Do that one more time Fucker' she looks at me and pushes me again 'I told you and now you're going to pay' she looks at me and pushes me again 'Right, I've tried talking to you fucker so back away before you make me do something you'll regret' she comes closer to me and I'm starting to get really pissed, I don't like hurting people but this bitch has got to go. Clenching my fists, they come into contact with her face, making her scream in pain 'I told you fucker' I smirk at her as I walk off Pia at my side. That's when I hear clapping and wonder what's going on and I realised, I just punched the biggest bitch of the school right in front of all the people who hated her. Boo Yah!

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