Me Against the World

Cassie Smith is like every other girl, well apart from the fact that she's Liam Payne's Cousin. Her Mother is from Liam's dad's side of the family. She has plenty of friends in school and she is the school 'Popular' girl but coming home and hearing her mother calling her names and hitting her everyday is getting too much for her, her brother is both a dick to her and someone she has to protect from her mother and she constantly is left to watch her 4 year old sister while her mother goes and gets drunk everyday. What happens when it all becomes too much, she starts cutting, what happens when she starts cutting, Liam and his friends find out, When One Direction find out about her what happens??
Enough Is Enough
*Part One Of 'Me Against The World*


4. Arietta

This is the world we are apart of,
The world we belong in,
The world where there is good,
A world full of sin,
But don't begin to judge those with a past,
'Cause you know that nothing will last,
They change and they strain,
Through struggle and pain,
But nothing is good,
Nothing is evil,
Believe it because none of us are Medieval


Cassie's POV-

I wake up to screaming coming across the house, it sounds like Leia but I don’t know, quickly hop out of bed and start to look around, the floorboards creaking under my feet I continue to head towards the sound until I feel the cool of the tiles under my feet. I put my cheek against the cold fridge and slowly tilt my head until I face the kitchen and what craziness is in there. There is nothing, well nothing I can see. I head around the bench in the middle of the kitchen and head out the door, looking around outside I don’t see anyone, not a single soul. I continue to head towards the sound and I come around the corner and see what has been making the noise, it’s a baby, but it’s not Leia, its Arietta. Wrapped in a pink blanket with all of her stuff next to her. (Sounds like Harietta except no H)

Walking into school today with a baby is going to be hard but I need to, for Arietta’s sake. Dealing with all of these adults giving me weird looks, probably because they are the same people who saw me with Leia almost a year ago, they probably think I was one of those teen mums, I’m not, but it sure feels like it. You see, Arietta’s my niece, I don’t know why she’s here ‘cause her family live in Melbourne so it must have been urgent. Hopping of the bus I look around the front of the school, hoping to avoid as many people as possible before getting to my locker I take the long way around. Past the library and through the hall, then I head around the auditorium and into the small locker room, quickly punching in the code and putting all of my stuff in except for my books 1st and 2nd period I quickly grab my IPod and search through all of my new messages and updates, then I throw my iPod into the locker, just clearing before the door slams shut. I pick up Arietta’s carrier and Nappy bag and stuff my books into it, then I head to meet with the guys.


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