We Will Not Fall

The girl who has never had a friend finds a friend. Ryann is that girl. The one surrounded by whispers. The one who wishes to blend in. Who has had all her self-esteem drained out of her through bullying. A friend, to keep her from falling.

A short story based on the song by Zoe Altenau, "We Will Not Fall", which will be linked as multimedia to this movella.

No copyright infringement intended.


1. New Girl

    I am walking down the hallway to my next class. My new timetable tells me it is History with a Mrs. Atencia. I make it to class when everyone else does, and I sit down at an empty pair of desks in the middle of the classroom. Nobody sits next to me, that girl in the black, until the last person in the room walks in. She is new, with dark, wavy hair and bangs that were hard to discern from the long eyelashes framing her eyes. She is stunningly attractive, and I figure the popular girls will snatch her right up, get rid of that nice atmosphere surrounding her: make her one of them. But she doesn’t sit by the waving “I fry my hair every morning” girls with spidery eyelashes and pink lip gloss. 
She comes to sit by me instead.
Me, the girl everyone whispers about. Me, that one person who is never quite good enough.
The one without perfect skin. Who wears glasses. Who wears black to become invisible…
.I am never invisible.
She sits by me.
“What is your name?” she asks me, her low alto voice wanting a clue as to my identity.
“Ryann.” I almost whisper my boyish title.
“That’s cool.” She seems sincere, but I know she must be laughing inside because everybody is laughing inside when it comes to me.
“Thanks.” I smile a little. This is the first person my age to be nice to me in as long as I remember. The bell rings, and class begins. After an eternity of “class procedures” and “big expectations”, I am gathering my things. The girl stands up, slings her tote bag over her shoulder, and flashes me a bright smile as she walks out the door.

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