We Will Not Fall

The girl who has never had a friend finds a friend. Ryann is that girl. The one surrounded by whispers. The one who wishes to blend in. Who has had all her self-esteem drained out of her through bullying. A friend, to keep her from falling.

A short story based on the song by Zoe Altenau, "We Will Not Fall", which will be linked as multimedia to this movella.

No copyright infringement intended.


5. My Turn

    I am going to math with Leah again. Whispers are surrounding us, enveloping us in a claustrophobia of little needles, specially engineered to cause the most amount of pain with every jab. But something is different this time. I am standing taller, I am walking slower, and my head is held higher. And when those girls from last week glare at Leah, I tell them to stop.


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